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I was wondering if anyone could back me up on this. When the James Bond films were in limbo between 1989 and 1995 and two studios were fighting over rights issues, I am sure I read articles which claimed that producer Joel silver was desperately trying to obtain the franchise with the full intent of casting Mel Gibson as Bond (despite Gibson repeatedly saying that he wasn't interested). I have found nothing anywhere online to back this up so I was wondering if anyone else had read this. Or it is simply my imagination?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: There were many actors who were considered for the role of James Bond during this period, including Mel Gibson in 1987. MGM suggested casting him, but producer Albert Broccoli rejected him because he was not British.

raywest Premium member

It's been bugging me a while now. There was a movie I saw only a few years ago, that I can not remember the title to, or even what it was about. I just have memory of one particularly funny scene and it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what movie it was. All I remember from the movie is this scene where a guy and his family come home. They did something to piss someone off in the Navy, so they found their car in their living room. Impossible to fit through the doors, the Navy men had disassembled it piece by piece and put it back together right in his living room as a way of getting back at him for something. I can not remember what, or who plays in it. Anybody know what movie this is?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Sounds like Youth in Revolt (2009) starring Michael Cera.


I've been looking everywhere for the name of this movie. It's an 80'2 90's drama/scary movie about a couple who are being stalked, or trying to be killed by a police officer. All I remember is that the cop helps them install a home security system and they agree on the password pyramid, and he tells them not to tell anyone what the password is. I remember that they find out the cop is the one after them because he uses the alarm code to enter their house, or something like that. All I clearly remember is the password being pyramid. Please help, if you can.

Answer: You're thinking of the 1992 film called "Unlawful Entry." It starred Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe as an affluent young couple who at first are aided by then are stalked by a corrupt cop played by Ray Liotta.

raywest Premium member

I stumbled on this site when I was just about to give up. I am really hoping someone here can help. My sister and I are trying to remember the name of a movie we watched in the mid-to-late 90s. All we can remember is a young girl with an egg carton collecting pretty magical orbs. We think she lived on an island, over a temple and that her parents were scientists. She also may have rescued an eagle or hawk from poachers at some point during the movie. Please please help us.

Answer: Sounds very similar to the Last Mimzy. Check it out and see if it fits:

Looking for a 1980's movie about a young farm boy (late teens) who wants to become a singer. I remember at the end he was in a barn singing a song he wrote. I believe his girlfriend was present and it was either his parents' farm or his girlfriend's parents' farm. The name of the song I believe was "Heart to Heart".

Answer: I believe the film was Thunder Alley (1985).

I remember a TV movie from the 1980s (perhaps early 1990s) whereby a sister and brother (I think) come across a medallion. They somehow realize that the medallion belongs to a king (everybody seems to be puppets, like the Muppets but NOT the Muppets, except for the sister and brother). The movie involves them trying to bring the medallion to its rightful owner, however, there are bad guys who want the medallion themselves. I cannot remember much else besides the fact that the sister and brother (who fought a lot at the beginning of the movie), become closer and better siblings by working together in returning the medallion to its rightful owner.

Answer: Sounds like it could be The Argon Quest (1990) or Blizzard Island (a 1988 TV series).


I cannot remember much of this movie but I loved it as a kid. It might have been a 90s movie. I don't think it had any popular actors in it either. It's about a young girl who was kept in a shed by her dad for most of her life. I believe she was mute because of it. Some kids found the girl and sneaked her out with them a few times. The girl and her mother were abused. That is all I know. I hope someone can help. This has been bugging me for months. :) Thank you.

Answer: Sounds like it could be Wildflower, a 1991 made for TV movie.


I'm looking for this movie, and I can't remember much but it's been nagging at me for ages. I remember this boy, and he's in a hamster ball of sorts, I think he's sick or something. He ran away, was happy, and he got chased by an animal or something - I really can't remember anything else. (02:06:15)


Chosen answer: Sounds like it could be Bubble Boy (2001).


I am searching for a movie I saw a long time ago. I do not remember much about it other than there was a young girl and a man and I remember them dancing on top of a truck to Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark. I also remember a scene where this man kills a dog and wraps it in a flag (I think) and the younger girl sees it and runs away in a field.

Answer: Sounds like it could be Lawn Dogs (1997).


Movie help: I cannot remember the title or any actors. All I remember is a teenage girl runs away from home. A man picks her up hitchhiking, they talk for a while, I think he is about to drive her home, then a truck hits them in an accident and she is killed. The man now knows where she lives and he goes to see her mom. That's all I can remember, if anyone knows what it is called please help me.


Chosen answer: The film is "Snow Cake". The man is Alan Rickman, the mother is played by Sigourney Weaver, her character is suffering from autism.


I'm looking for the title of a heist movie. I don't have a specific time frame of when it was made, but I do remember that I watched it somewhere between 2001 and 2005 on DVD. It had a (subtle) sex scene in it which took place in a sauna, and I think it ended with the main character putting someone on a weight bomb in a white van, and after that he got out via a secret hatch in the bottom, parked over a sewer.


Chosen answer: The movie is "Heist" with Gene Hackman; great movie with numerous twists and surprises...

I watched this movie a long time ago about these young kids and they all went out on a boat on the lake for this boy's birthday. The boy couldn't swim and got knocked off the boat and he drowned and died. The teens took the body and went to bury it - they all swore they wouldn't tell, but then they got guilty and told the cops.

Answer: I'm pretty sure this movie is Mean Creek.


I am looking for a movie that played on the scifi channel between 2002-2004 aired very late at night. I caught the last 15 minutes which showed two men fighting in an old west looking indian fort. The men stabbed and beat each other repeatedly and one had a small sickle stuck in him during the fighting. The film ended when the 2 men wrestled each other and rolled into a bear trap which killed them both, then some people rode to the fort, opened the room the men were in, looked at them, and then closed the door. The credits rolled then. Last thing that might help, no one said a word during the entire last 15 minutes as I remember.

Answer: The film you're looking for is "Ravenous".


What is the movie where the dance teacher dates one of his student's mom just so he can stalk the student himself? It's one of those scary movies.

Answer: The Obsession, starring Daphne Zuniga and Sebastian Spence.

I am looking for a movie (probably from the 80s) where a boy makes friends with a girl he believes is a witch. The girl has long brown hair and may live with her grandmother. The boy is stung by stinging nettles in the film and at the beginning has a plate of food sneaked up to him in his room. I am pretty sure I saw this on the Disney Channel growing up.

Answer: I think the movie is called The Witching of Ben Wagner.

Maybe a TV movie from the 70s about 2 cops that walk a beat in a bad neighborhood and try to clean it up. End up getting shot in the back. I think the title is both of their last names?

Answer: It might be the 1975 made-for-TV movie Foster and Laurie.


This is a movie I saw in the 90's - I can't remember its name but it was about a little girl who can't talk and uses sign language. I remember a scene where she was sitting in the garden with her nanny or teacher, I think learning the word love in sign language, and wrote it on her hand.


Chosen answer: "The Miracle Worker", about Helen Keller.

I saw a short animated film back in the 80's shown at an animation film festival. About 2-3 minutes long. Basically simple pen & ink with almost no color. A drawing of a muscular man, chained to a concrete slab, who is dragging it through a desert for some unknown reason (to reach a destination to be freed of it?) and all the while he is tormented by a creature (ghost? goblin? spirit?) riding on that slab who tries to give him words of encouragement, but is way too happy to do the man any good. The end of the film shows that the man dragging the slab is, in fact, going around in a perpetual figure-8. Any idea what this short animated film is called and where I can see it again? YouTube?

CCARNI Premium member

Chosen answer: The short film you described, was featured in MTV's animated short television show "Liquid Television" from the 90's. there was no title given for the short.


I am trying to recall a movie with the following synopsis. It is a family (mother/father) with two daughters. One (I believe the younger) is playing outside and gets hit/killed by a car, while chasing her ball into the street. The family's grief is strong and they try to reach out to her in the "spirit world" which triggers the dark side as well. The only other detail that I can recall is that at the end of the movie, her family is in trouble and she returns (in Spirit) to save them from the evil forces. They are able to see her and her them. Please help me! I have been looking for this movie for over 7 years now.


Chosen answer: This could be Hideaway (1995), based on a book by Dean Koontz and starring Jeff Goldblum and Christine Lahti, and Alicia Silverstone as their teenage daughter. Their younger daughter, Samantha, was killed (I think as you describe) and while they try to recover from her loss, they get supernaturally mixed up with a serial killer (the father becomes linked to him because they both have near-death experiences). The killer comes after Regina (Silverstone), and in the climax of the film, when her parents are trying to rescue her, they all have a brief vision of Samantha helping them.


I am looking for the title of a movie about a man from the future who falls in love with a woman in the present. He knows she will be struck and killed by a taxi at a certain corner at a certain time. He is forbidden by the time travel rules of his future society from saving her but he tries to anyway, and in fact his attempts to injure the taxi driver the night before are the cause of the accident. But in the end he turns out to have a rare mental ability to alter events simply through the intensity of his love.

Answer: Sounds like "Happy Accidents" starring Marissa Tomei and Vincent D'Onofrio.


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