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New this month There was either a TV show or a movie I watched in the '90s. It was about a man who lived secluded in a cabin in the woods. A female reporter keeps visiting him because there are no records of where or when he was born and tells him that he's news. Not wanting to be found out, he tries to escape but his vehicle runs out of fuel so he goes to a camper and removes water from it and turns it into gasoline. Just as he's finally about to leave, the female reporter appears with her cameraman happy that she caught him. Unfortunately, the military appear and capture all three. While the military believe the man is an alien, I believe the cameraman thinks that the man might actually be God because of how he was able to turn the water into gas.

New this week Answer: It's an episode of the TV Reboot, The Outer Limits. "Josh" Season 4 Episode 7. Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica) plays the reporter, who investigates the story of a man with healing powers, Alex MacArthur (Kiss the Girls).

New this week Many actors and actresses have openly admitted that they hated the movies they starred in. If they felt that way, why do they agree to be in them?

New this week Answer: There could be a handful of reasons. Perhaps they entered the project believing it could have been a good movie, but later realised the end product wasn't good or wasn't what they were expecting. Maybe the studio interferes and it goes through reshoots or rewrites. Or maybe they didn't really have that much investment in the project to begin with and were only doing it for the money.

Casual Person

Something I'm trying to find - basically a skit that makes fun of people who say the show Jackass was a bad influence and should be pulled off the air; in it a kid who watched Golden Girls died pulling a stunt from it which led to people railing against Golden Girls.

Answer: There was an SNL skit where MSNBC reports of a group of 4 boys liked to imitate the Golden Girls and one kid (Chris Katan) died from doing so. But there wasn't really people railing against the Golden Girls.


What was Darth Maul's actual birth name?

Answer: His birth name was Maul. He has two brothers, Savage Opress and Feral, so it's possible his last name is Opress, although his mother is only known by one name, so that would be speculation.


Think this might be a Cheech and Chong movie but can't be sure because it has a supernatural element to it. Two guys end up going to a house and meet two women who claim that they can never leave. One scene in the movie has some white curtains suddenly being torn down and take the figure of a man which then puts on a top hat, grabs a cane and begins dancing. Another scene has the women finally explaining why they can't leave the house. A curse has been placed on them and as long as they stay inside the house they will remain young but, if they leave they will begin to get old and eventually die. The only way they can leave the house is by taking a small green pill that enables them to stay young for several hours.

Answer: The movie is called "Ghost Fever" but the heroes are portrayed by Sherman Hemsley and Luis √Āvalos.

I need help identifying the title of a book. My brother was reading it in the mid-90s, and the only thing I remember him telling me about it was two gruesome deaths: one of a character getting hit in the face with a spiked baseball bat, and the other being a character I think was named Eddie who is decapitated by a wire while he is riding a motorbike. I could have swore that it was "The In Crowd" by Christopher Pike, but no such book appears in his bibliography, nor does there seem to be any adult fiction novel with that name. I seem to recall that the cover of the book depicted a teen girl sitting at a computer with a distressed look on her face.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Found the answer. The book is "The In Crowd" by Nicholas Pine.

Phaneron Premium member

I'm looking for the title of the movie where the lead character has a string of partners who after they break up then go on to meet the person they marry, and it really bums him/her (can't remember) out. It's like they're the person everyone has to date to figure out what they really want in life.

Answer: Sounds like it could be "Good Luck Chuck" with Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.

Phaneron Premium member

There was a movie about a mad scientist who was trying to create a clone of his dead wife. He had a handsome young lab assistant. When the assistant's girlfriend falls into a coma after an accident, the scientist offers to clone her as well. The assistant declines, saying a clone wouldn't be the woman who fell in love with him; the girlfriend later recovers. The scientist realises he'll never be able to recreate the past and ends up marrying a much younger woman.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Sounds like the 1985 film "Creator", starring Peter O'Toole, although I can't be certain about the lab assistant and his girlfriend. But a young woman who agrees to donate her egg and the scientist fall in love. There's also the 2017 film called "Andover" where a scientist clones his dead wife, although that film has less in common with your description than the first.


Yep, 'Creator' was it. Thank you.

Brian Katcher

Trying to figure what this movie was, saw it when I was a child. 4 characters, 2 children and 2 adults, adult Male looks like Dick Van Dyke. At one point in the movie they are running through a thick forest, singing and locate a 'City in the Woods'. They have all these weird gadgets and doodads, lots of singing in the movie. The characters are a mix of puppets and live action. Can anyone piece this together?

Answer: Babes in Toyland is my best guess.


I saw a movie on TV in the early-to-mid 90's. I didn't catch the beginning, but I think a kid shot and killed a criminal and is heralded as a hero afterward. When he returns to school, there are wrapped presents on his desk from his classmates. One of his classmates was jealous of the attention he was getting, and maliciously knocked some of the presents out of his hand when he was walking home from school. Later in the movie, he goes hunting with his dad and starts throwing up after they shoot a deer. At the end of the movie, the partners of the criminal he killed drive around the family's property and terrorize them. He goes out to confront them and I believe broke their windshield with a rock. He later tells his mom that he isn't brave, and she responds by telling him what he just did in confronting the men was the bravest thing she's ever seen anyone do. Anybody know the name of this movie?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: It's a 1994 TV-Movie Titled, "Armed and Innocent." Gerald McRaney, (This is Us), played the father.

Dax Shepherd played a homeless man living in the woods helping out 3 young boys with bullying - I'm trying to find out what the title of the movie was.

Answer: Except for the part of the homeless man living in the woods, the plot is from Drillbit Taylor. A trio of bullied boys pull their money together looking for a Rambo type commando for protection. Owen Wilson is a homeless man wearing a thrift store army jacket, hearing of the money, convinces them he's what they're looking for.

This has been annoying the hell out of me for years. I'm thinking of an early 1960s (?) black and white American movie that features numerous cameos by A-List Hollywood actors who are so heavily made-up (with wigs and latex facial prosthetics) that they are all thoroughly unrecognizable. At the end of the film, as a complete surprise, there is a sequence of each of these otherwise unremarkable cameo characters removing their makeup for a big reveal. For example, a plain, middle-aged woman who only appeared for a few seconds onscreen grandly removes her latex face to reveal none other than Burt Lancaster. I believe Robert Mitchum and Tony Curtis were also among the reveals. What is this film?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: "The List of Adrian Messenger" (1963). Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, and Tony Curtis, along with Kirk Douglas and Frank Sinatra, remove their heavy makeup during the epilogue to reveal who they are. Although Lancaster and Sinatra didn't actual portray the characters they claimed to have been.


Thank you. The name of this movie has been on the tip of my tongue for many years.

Charles Austin Miller

Love this movie as a kid. It's rarely shown on TV anymore, but it is (or was) available for free on YouTube.

raywest Premium member

Lancaster, Curtis, Sinatra, and Mitchum did indeed portray those characters in heavy make-up. However, their voices were dubbed over by other actors, Otherwise, the audience would have recognized their actual voices, spoiling the surprise reveal at the end.

raywest Premium member

Incidentally, director John Huston (who also made a cameo appearance in the film) tried to convince Elizabeth Taylor to play a disguised part in this movie; but, when Taylor learned that her lovely face would be completely hidden under heavy latex, she turned down the role.

Charles Austin Miller

I am trying to remember a short that I saw when I was about ten years old. It was on TV and I only remember seeing it once. A big man is sitting on some wood high above the clouds and a strange person dressed up like a robot appears. He examines him, like his eyes and his heart, and I think he even checks his teeth and feels his stomach as well. The last thing he did before leaving was he looked inside of his head and he saw his memories or something. After this he puts nails into the man's head and then he stamps his stomach for some reason and disappears. That is all that I can remember from this short. Also it was like stop motion animation like clay animation or something so I hope that helps. Can anyone help me out?

Answer: Sound like it might be The Saint Inspector a short where a strange being in a box visits a man on a wooden pedestal. He gives a physical examination of sorts which involves some of what is described. I am pretty sure that this is what you are looking for.

Trying to think of the movie where this Giant troll thing is helping this girl. He scoops up some water in a seashell and offers it to her but she refuses. And then he screams "DRINK!" The scene looks like it's in the woods. There's a small pool and small waterfall. The troll scoops the water out of it. Might be enchanted water or some kind of super healing water. Also I think the troll took her to that location while she was unconscious and she woke up lying near that pool.

Answer: It sounds like "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" with Gemma Arterton as Gretel, the trolls name is Edward. He helps her after a fight with the sheriff of a town they are trying to save. Hope this helps.

There was a movie about a vampire. In the movie, he watches as the woman he loves gets hanged and he is forced to watch. Centuries later, while at a ball, the vampire sees a woman that looks exactly like the woman he was in love with. This is not "Bram Stoker's Dracula".

Answer: It could be the TV Series, Dracula, it was on NBC about eight to ten years ago for half a season.

That's the one.

How come in many movies that are based on true events, many of these events are false? Ex. In the movie "The Blindside", Leigh taught Michael how to play football but, in real life, he already knew how to play it. If movies are going to be made about true events about a person's life, then why aren't they ever a hundred percent true?

Answer: There are a variety of reasons, but it boils down to telling a compelling story. In the example you give, although I haven't seen the movie, I'd imagine it lends itself to better character development as well as possibly adding to the narrative. In the movie "Argo" which is also based on true events, the movie ends (spoiler) with the characters narrowly escaping the Iranian Hostage Crisis as the authorities at the airport become aware that they are on a departing plane and attempt to chase down the plane on the tarmac before it takes off. In real life, one of the people on the plane said their flight departed without any hiccups. This alteration was made to add tension to the movie, whereas the characters escaping with no resistance might feel anticlimactic.

Phaneron Premium member

I remember an animated (I think) TV series about a guy and his sister who try and find their mother. The main enemy was a bald woman. It also was about flying ships and dogfights aplenty. The last thing I remember is that they join a group of people on what looks like an old 19th century ship. Can someone please tell me what this is called?


Answer: Skyland.


In this movie a woman decides to live for a short time with a stranger - they fall in love and then she pretends to die. After some time he finds her and realizes she was actually a book writer - he forces her to live everything again, and then she is the one that falls in love.

Answer: Except for the woman being alive at the end, it's similar to Sweet November. Starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.

I only remember bits of the trailer for this 60's (??) British film. It's possibly an espionage or spy spoof that starts by showing a man running down a street wearing a black and white graduation cap and gown. A voice-over says (sic) "See this man? Very good. Carry on." He then is in a classroom with a bunch of beautiful college-aged schoolgirls/students. He asks a question to the class and then, after they answer, he exclaims, "Right, my children!" He then asks one beauty a personal question to which she replies (in letters) the man's name, which spells out on the screen and is (I think) also the name of the film. Any help here?

CCARNI Premium member

Answer: During the 1960's, there were a series of bawdy films with Carry On... in the title.

Nope, that's not it.

CCARNI Premium member

Looking for a movie from the 60's about a blonde married woman with a son that has an affair with a service man. Anne Francis plays her friend. They play the game Jenga and there is something about the swallows of Capistrano. She thinks she kills him, they dump his body but he is still alive.


Answer: I'm sure this is the 1966 movie, "Moment to Moment." It starred Arthur Hill, Jean Seberg, and Honor Blackman.

raywest Premium member

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