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Samuel Hayden: I'm willing to take full responsibility for the horrible events of the last 24 hours but you must understand: our interest in their world was purely for the betterment of mankind. [Doom Slayer looks down at a dead body] Everything has gotten out of hand now, yes, but it was worth the risk. [Doom Slayer cracks his knuckles] I assure you. [Doom Slayer smashes the control panel, Doom title screen appears].

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Trivia: The protagonist of the Doom series has many nicknames. Including; Doom Marine, Doom Slayer, Hell Walker, Unchained Predator, Scourge of Hell, Doomguy, and DM1-5. His real name is stated to be B.J. Blazkowicz III, and is possibly a decedent of B.J Blazokowicz from Wolfenstein, a game series made by the same company.

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Question: When VEGA starts giving Doomguy the report on the facility casualties after Dr Hayden tells him to, I picked up on a couple number references in what he says. His lines are thus... "61,337 UAC members deceased, 81% of the facility is on lockdown, demonic presence through the Mars installation is critical. According to the records, Dr. Hayden, the invasion originated in the Lazarus Facility. It seems that a Hellwave was activated transforming 64% of all UAC employees into the creatures you see roaming through the facility. The rest were killed by the demons released from cells by Olivia Pierce." 61,1337 seems to be a reference/joke to the number 1337 being Leet, or elite with the 6 as a demonic figure. Demon Elite. And then the 64% seems to be a reference to doom 64. So what's the significance of the 81% number then? Or are these numbers all just a coincidence?

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Answer: Another thing I've noticed is that if you add up all the individual numbers in 61,337 and then reverse the two letters you get 20 and 16. Both together is 2016, the year the game was released. Could be a coincidence but I doubt it.

Answer: Most likely no significance, as any person could look hard enough and assign significance to any of the numbers that you mentioned.

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