Women people most want to marry

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The percentages are how often people have chosen f**k, marry or kill for a given option. Click the column headers to change the order. Click a person to vote on them.

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Ellen Page

2 Image

Emilia Clarke

3 Image

Helena Bonham Carter

4 Image

Kirsten Dunst

5 Image

Elizabeth Olsen

6 Image

Billie Piper

7 Image

Emma Stone

8 Image

Lena Headey

9 Image

Emma Watson

10 Image

Rachel McAdams

11 Image

Neve Campbell

12 Image

Kristen Bell

13 Image

Natalie Portman

14 Image

Ashley Greene

15 Image

Anna Faris

16 Image

Bryce Dallas Howard

17 Image

Jessica Biel

18 Image

Anne Hathaway

19 Image

Amy Adams

20 Image

Gal Gadot

21 Image

Alison Brie

22 Image

Keira Knightley

23 Image

Keri Russell

24 Image

Linda Cardellini

25 Image

Grace Kelly

26 Image

Kate Winslet

27 Image

Kate Beckinsale

28 Image

Yvonne Strahovski

29 Image

Angelina Jolie

30 Image

Rebel Wilson

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