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The percentages are how often people have chosen f**k, marry or kill for a given option. Click the column headers to change the order. Click a person to vote on them.

631 Image

Jennifer Ehle

632 Image

Tiffany Haddish

633 Image

Mary Steenburgen

634 Image

Donna Reed

635 Image

Molly Parker

636 Image

Madeleine Stowe

637 Image

Swoosie Kurtz

638 Image

Olivia Colman

639 Image

Cheryl Ladd

640 Image

Melanie Laurent

641 Image

Lupita Nyong'o

642 Image

Annette Funicello

643 Image

Jean Arthur

644 Image

June Foray

645 Image

Lake Bell

646 Image

Faye Dunaway

647 Image

Lucy Lawless

648 Image

Courteney Cox

649 Image

Stella Stevens

650 Image

Beverly D'Angelo

651 Image

Shirley MacLaine

652 Image

Barbara Eden

653 Image

Juliette Binoche

654 Image

Romola Garai

655 Image

Hope Davis

656 Image

Jennifer Garner

657 Image

Aubrey Plaza

658 Image

Gena Rowlands

659 Image

Lesley-Anne Down

660 Image

Alexis Bledel

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