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The percentages are how often people have chosen f**k, marry or kill for a given option. Click the column headers to change the order. Click a person to vote on them.

391 Image

Jeanne Crain

392 Image

Mischa Barton

393 Image

Sienna Guillory

394 Image

Uma Thurman

395 Image

Barbara Stanwyck

396 Image

Kelly Hu

397 Image

Jennifer Carpenter

398 Image

Olivia Williams

399 Image

Diane Kruger

400 Image

Joanne Woodward

401 Image

Jane Levy

402 Image

Olivia Newton-John

403 Image

Thandie Newton

404 Image

Anne Archer

405 Image

Lizzy Caplan

406 Image

Kate Bosworth

407 Image

Zoe Saldana

408 Image

Rose Byrne

409 Image

Traylor Howard

410 Image

Ruth Roman

411 Image

Elisha Cuthbert

412 Image

Marguerite Moreau

413 Image

Tiffani Thiessen

414 Image

Zoe Kazan

415 Image

Amanda Seyfried

416 Image

Hilary Duff

417 Image

Felicity Jones

418 Image

Diane Cilento

419 Image

Jenny Slate

420 Image

Anne Heche

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