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Curse of Chucky (2013)

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Revealing mistake: When Nica crawls to the elevator to escape Chucky, she bends her legs in order to shut the elevator door. She is meant to be a paraplegic and have no feeling in her legs.


Revealing mistake: When Nica goes to investigate the screams in the first part of the movie, as she opens and closes the door she appears to be moving in a way that implies she is standing and not sitting in her wheelchair, this completely contradicts her being a paraplegic.


Revealing mistake: When the pastor is beheaded you can see a clear tube inside his neck that is squirting blood.


Revealing mistake: When we see Jill's webcam image on the remote laptop during the electrocution scene it is from Chucky's point of view, and not her laptop's webcam.


Revealing mistake: When Chucky is trying to kill Nica with the fumes of the car, you can hear him hit the gas and the engine revs, but the smoke from the silencer has a constant flow.


Plot hole: When Chucky is decapitated, no blood comes out. He still has the scars from Bride/Seed of Chucky so that means he's still in the same doll's body. The longer he remains inside the doll the more human he becomes, so he should definitely bleed by this point in time.


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Suggested correction: There's no telling exactly how his Voodoo works.

The writer/director even admitted this scene was a mistake. Prior films showed that once Chucky inhabited the doll for long enough, blood and organs would appear. The director simply chose to ignore this for this one scene, and has admitted it's a mistake.


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Suggested correction: I watched the scene and it's clear Chucky wasn't using a brick on the accelerator to rev the engine. However, Nica is paralyzed and there are devices you can install on a car that allows a paralyzed person to operate the gas and brake from the steering wheel, so Chucky could rev the engine without touching the gas pedal.


Suggested correction: All he would have to do is stand on the gas pedal.

He's standing at the wheel the entire scene. He's not tall enough to be doing that and pressing the gas pedal.


He could have used a brick or something to keep the gas pedal down and then climbed up to the wheel.

Except if you watch the scene, the engine revs up and down, not something putting a brick on the gas pedal would do.


Continuity mistake: When Nica is woken up by the screams she's wearing a sleeveless night gown. When she peers into her mother's room she's wearing a long sleeve shirt, but when she exits the elevator a few seconds later she's wearing the sleeveless gown again.

Continuity mistake: When Chucky pushes Nica over the balcony, the camera shows her falling to the floor on her back but when the camera zooms out on her, it shows her lying on her stomach.

Chucky: [to himself] Women. Can't live with them. Period.

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Trivia: The shot of Barb stepping on the bloodstain is a reference to a similar shot in "Seed of Chucky" of Jennifer stepping in blood. (00:09:15)

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Question: When Chucky killed Barb onwards, where was Alice? Was she in the house, or did she runaway to her gran's at the end?

Answer: It is revealed when Ian checks the webcam that Chucky hid Alice in the closet. She was most likely there the whole third act.

Answer: When Ian is checking the nanny cam, it is reveals that Alice is playing Hide-And-Seek with Chucky, instead of sleep. Chucky hid Alice in a closet, to keep her is not on his way while he is murdering the family.

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