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I rented this movie from RedBox.

I remember when this movie was first coming out, it was pretty hyped. Stallone and Schwarzenneger finally staring in a movie together, and not in an ensemble piece like Expendables 2 (a movie I really love though).
I rented it and watched it when it first came out in 2013, and I remembered liking it at the time. But I hadn't seen it since until I heard of the sequel. When the sequel hit RedBox, it came in a double feature where would get both the first and second film on the same disk to rent for the price of one. It had been 5 years since I had seen the first so I went ahead and watched it again before watching the second one.

And to be honest, it was actually better than I had remembered. I had always liked Stallone, but it wasn't until more recent years that I started to really appreciate him more. And now he's for sure one of my favorite actors ever, right up there with Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, and Bruce Willis. Considering who he is and the kinds of movies he's been in, it would have made sense for him to be one of my favorites for years now. But somehow most of his films had gone under my radar do to one thing or another. With me really only knowing him from the Rocky films, Antz, and... Spy Kids 3D. I hadn't even seen the Rambo films until more recent years, except for like the 4th one which I did enjoy.

Anyways, this film is actually pretty good. An interesting idea, and I think a good set up. Getting these two actors together in roles like this is a match made in heaven that people have been craning for for years. Though I do wish it was a bit more of an action film considering who these guys are. I would loved to even have seen a film where one of them played the bad guy against the other. But it is what it is. It's not a great film, but it is good. A solid 4 stars for if you're into this sort of movie.

It's not completely fresh on my mind, as it's been a few months since I watched it, or my review would be more in depth. But I think it is a solid film for what it is.

Mistake Status: I only remember catching one during the second viewing. I'll for sure dive into movies like this later on.

Quantom X Premium member

Suprisingly enjoyable, this movie is certainly not where you'd expect the two most iconic action stars of the end of the past century to meet, but, ta-daaa! Here they are, in a prison escape movie. There's nothing particularly clever about this movie, it is in fact kinda hilarious how after all the buildup and shenanigans who attempt at creating a well crafted puzzle, all the big plan ends up being "stage a riot and punch your way through the guards." But it works! And let me tell you, it works mostly because Stallone and Schwarzenneger have such a commanding presence. They are totally hamming it up with the acting, with a delivery so fake and bombastic that you can tell they are pausing for the crowd to cheer and clamor. It's a total guilty pleasure of a movie, with two senior citizens having a lot of fun with their big persona. Nothing more than that, but thankfully nothing gets in the way of that with annoying characters or performances. Underwhelming for once Vincent D'Onofrio, very well played and likeable Amy Ryan, just take the movie for what it is, and enjoy it.

Sammo Premium member

Character mistake: Schwarzenegger welcomes Portos saying "Your name. The fourth Musketeer. It's a good name." Port (h) os was one of the original three musketeers in the eponymous novel. To be "the fourth", his name should have been D'Artagnan. (00:31:55)

Sammo Premium member

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