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8.8/10. A pretty decent movie here. The 2nd theatrical one which showed promise. I enjoyed the performances of Julianne Moore, Judy Greer, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Moretz as Carrie did rather well showing she had potential provided she sticks to good scripts. The use of video for her humiliation was an interesting and updated idea from the original. True it suffered from studio interference, like Black Christmas 2006, still it did well. I was impressed with the well done prom scene. It looked real, well updated from the original. Two touching moments that I noticed were when Margaret looked newborn Carrie in the eyes and just rocked her. The other being Carrie lifting Ms. Desjarden off the gym floor to the stage for her safety. Clearly she cared about her.While Carrie of 1976 is still the masterpiece, Carrie of 2013 shouldn't be tossed aside as an inferior remake. It's not perfect but not terrible either, I'd call it pretty decent.


Continuity mistake: The stain from Carrie's bloody hand on the PE teacher's skirt switches from a smudge in the shower room scene to a full hand-print stain in the principal's office. The stain is also higher on the skirt from where Carrie originally grabbed it.

Aled Wesker

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Carrie White: If I concentrate hard enough I can make things move.

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Answer: It's most likely just a metaphor for the terrible memories that those who survived the prom massacre must have in their minds forever. The memory of Carrie White haunts them.

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