Question: What phone does Sue have? I've been look all over Google for even some type of hint of what kind of phone it is but I have had no such luck.

Answer: I believe it's the Sony Xperia Tipo.

Question: Does Carrie's mother in any of the versions (mainly this one) truly love her? I mean she's nuts but surely wouldn't it be possible for her to love her daughter?


Answer: In her own twisted and demented way, she did love Carrie and believed everything she did to her was to protect or cleanse her of sin.

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Question: Was that a real baby in the opening scene? The kid looked real to me and if it was how'd they make it look newborn, covered in stuff?


Answer: Infants in movies that are supposed to be "newborn" are covered in food substances like strawberry jelly or jam. I remember reading that it is the only thing legally allowed to be used on a baby in a movie.

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Question: Why did her mother spare Carrie after giving birth? When they made eye contact was she suddenly sane and filled with love for her new daughter?


Answer: It's doubtful she became momentarily "sane" but the mother/child bond is incredibly strong, and apparently was stronger than Margaret's initial desire to kill her infant.

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Thank you, happy new year. I found this to be a touching scene, they just love having Julianne Moore hold babies as she's done this in four or five movies now, latest being Still Alice, took them forever to give her an Academy Award, should've won at least for The Hours prior to this win.


Answer: At the end of the movie, Margaret tells Carrie that she wanted to keep her, and asked God to let her. There's also a small implication that Carrie's powers may have stopped the scissors blades right as they were about to stab her (remember that Carrie doesn't always have control of her powers, and the deleted scenes reveal that she's had the powers since she was very little. They aren't new). This may have led her mother to believe that God himself was stopping the scissors and allowing her to keep the child.

Answer: It's most likely just a metaphor for the terrible memories that those who survived the prom massacre must have in their minds forever. The memory of Carrie White haunts them.

Question: I don't understand the ending of the movie when Sue is screaming in her mother's arms and there is a cross on her wall - is she supposed to become a Jesus freak like Carrie's mom, or is her baby gonna have powers like Carrie?

Answer: Sue just woke up from a terrifying nightmare in which Carrie's arm reaches out of her grave and grabs Sue. A lot of hospitals have crosses in the rooms. It's been suggested that Sue might have miscarried and lost her baby.

Question: When Carrie begins using her power to get revenge on everybody, a quick shot shows Sue on her phone. Who was she calling? The screams of the students made it impossible to hear.

Answer: After seeing Carrie get soaked in blood and Tommy get killed by being hit with the bucket, Sue leaves the building. Sue returns while talking on the phone just in time to see Heather crash into the gym window due to Carrie's shock-wave. As Sue rushes away, still on the phone, we hear her say, "There's been an explosion!" Sue was most likely calling the police to tell them about the prank that Chris and Billy pulled, so she could get some help for Carrie. She then gave them more information upon witnessing Carrie's rage.

Question: How did they shoot that scene at the end of the film when Carrie's mother apparently rises into the air in a crucifix-like position?

Answer: Most likely wires that were digitally removed in post-production.

Continuity mistake: The stain from Carrie's bloody hand on the PE teacher's skirt switches from a smudge in the shower room scene to a full hand-print stain in the principal's office. The stain is also higher on the skirt from where Carrie originally grabbed it.

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Sue Snell: Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me... Like any of you. She had hopes, she had fears, but we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far before they break.

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