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Other mistake: The vice principal's mispronunciation of Carrie's name (immediately corrected by Miss Desjardin) is given as "Cassie" in the DVD subtitles, but as "Casey" in the audio. (00:11:07)

Continuity mistake: The stain from Carrie's bloody hand on the PE teacher's skirt switches from a smudge in the shower room scene to a full hand-print stain in the principal's office. The stain is also higher on the skirt from where Carrie originally grabbed it.

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie Margaret White gives birth to Carrie. She gets a pair of scissors out of a drawer and tries to stab Carrie in the face. When Carrie starts to cry Margaret picks her up and holds her near her face and the umbilical cord has disappeared. It was there before she picked Carrie up, and she never cut it.

Aled Wesker

Other mistake: After Carrie levitates herself and goes outside, there's a wet spot on the concrete that's the size of both her feet, showing her landing spot from previous takes.

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Revealing mistake: During the prom sequence, when the moon-shaped light fixture falls onto the stage supposedly "setting the stage on fire", you can see that it is a fuel line that is starting/controlling the fire.

Continuity mistake: Chris' mobile phone video of Carrie in the locker room is inconsistent with the event as originally shown when it is projected at the prom to humiliate Carrie. Carrie's cries for help don't occur in the same places that they originally did, and some of them are from before Chris started recording.

Other mistake: The alternate director's cut ending available for viewing within the movie via seamless branching on the Blu Ray is very lazily cut into the film. The music from the previous scene cuts out abruptly when the scene begins, Sue's stunt double's face appears in a close-up shot, and the music from the ending credits abruptly cuts in partway through the song (rather than starting the song from the beginning) once the alternate ending is finished playing. The very end of Carrie's scream from the theatrical ending can also very briefly be heard at the same time the music begins.

Continuity mistake: Carrie still has her shoes until she lands outside where she's suddenly barefoot, then she seems to have them back walking home.


Factual error: In a flashback scene, Carrie's mother is giving birth in bed; there is blood, but no placenta or umbilical cord, which we can see when the mother picks up her baby and places her on her chest.


Sue Snell: Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me... Like any of you. She had hopes, she had fears, but we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far before they break.

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Question: I don't understand the ending of the movie when Sue is screaming in her mother's arms and there is a cross on her wall - is she supposed to become a Jesus freak like Carrie's mom, or is her baby gonna have powers like Carrie?

Answer: Sue just woke up from a terrifying nightmare in which Carrie's arm reaches out of her grave and grabs Sue. A lot of hospitals have crosses in the rooms. It's been suggested that Sue might have miscarried and lost her baby.

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