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Continuity mistake: When Tinker Bell tries to fix the music box there is a leaf in the box, when she is done it's gone.


Plot hole: When Tinkerbell tries to find Gruff in winter, she's seen flying with her wings out of her coat; in a later scene, Fawn flies too. After Tink finds Gruff, her wings disappear from underneath her coat. This is a plothole because of how the whole storyline of Secret of the Wings was that warm fairies can't fly in winter weather or their wings will tear.

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Suggested correction: Yeah but at the end of Secret of the Wings, they find a way to let any fairy fly in winter.

Continuity mistake: After Tinker Bell fixed the music box, it plays a tune. When Wendy plays the music box later, it plays a different tune.


Continuity mistake: When the water bubble hits Tinker Bell's friends they switch places between shot after they get hit.


Continuity mistake: When Tinker Bell asks her fairy friends to help her switch her talent, Terrence disappears after they got their pixie dust.


Continuity mistake: After Clank and Bobble knock all the nuts down on Tinker Bell's work desk, Fairy Mary comes to tell them to stop. At one point cheese appears which he was not there in other shots.

Continuity mistake: When Tinker Bell fails to help the baby bird, the hawk she finds was not there in the previous shot.

Tinker Bell: Thanks Terence.
Terence: You know my name?
Tinker Bell: Well, sure. Why wouldn't I?
Terence: Well, I don't know. I'm just the dust keeper guy. I'm not exactly seen as the most important fairy in Pixie Hallow.
Tinker Bell: Terence... what are you talking about? You're probably the most important one there is. Without you, no-one would have any magic! Why, your talent makes you who you are. You should be proud of it! I mean.
Terence: I am.

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Trivia: The baby that laughs at the beginning of the movie and the little girl that Tinkerbell brings the lost toy at the end of movie is the same little girl. She is Wendy Darling from Pete Pan.

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Suggested correction: Tinker Bell is born just before spring and then when spring arrives she brings the music box, so the baby can't be Wendy because it was only a few weeks at most.

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Question: How is it that there are winter fairies at the talent choosing ceremony in the first movie, Tinkerbell (2008) when in the fourth movie they state that winter fairies cannot fly in the warm areas?

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