Pokemon: the First Movie

Other mistake: Meowth calls one particular Pokémon in the test tube-thing a Sandshrew, however it is a Sandslash. This is a dubbing error, as Nyasu (Meowth's Japanese name) correctly identifies the Pokémon as a Sandopan (Sandslash's Japanese name) in the original Japanese version.

Other mistake: When the Poké Balls containing the Trainers' various Pokémon are sent to the DNA Cloning machine, Team Rocket incorrectly identifies Scyther as Alakazam. This is a dubbing error as, in the original Japanese version, the Rocket-dan (as they are called) correctly identify the Pokémon as a Strike (Scyther's Japanese name).

Other mistake: In Mewtwo Strikes Back, when the pirate trainer sends out Machamp (the four-armed Pokémon), the animation of it appearing is shown twice. Also, the sound effect that plays when a Pokémon appears isn't played the second time. There was a small section cut out of Ash throwing Squirtle's Poké Ball in the air. That was replaced with Machamp coming out twice.

Other mistake: When "We're A Miracle" appears in the retyped ending credits of the English dub, Todd Chapman's surname is misspelled as "Champan." Also, RCA Record Label is misspelled as "RCA record Label." (01:13:29)


Other mistake: When Giovanni says, "Learn to use them to accomplish your purpose," Mewtwo's left arm is missing. Also, there are no cables connected to the back of the left shoulder piece of its armour, but in the next shot, there are. (00:17:03)


Other mistake: When "Catch Me If You Can" appears in the retyped ending credits of the English dub, Brian M Steckler has his first name misspelled as "Briand." Also, Lava/Atlantic Records is misspelled as "Lava/Atlantic records." Additionally, Blessid Union of Souls is misspelled as "Blessed Union of Souls." (01:13:24)


Other mistake: In the first part of the retyped ending credits for the English dub with songs, published is misspelled as "publisher" with produced misspelled as "producerd." Also, Cherry River Music Co. Is misspelled as "Cherry River Kusic Co." Additionally, Elektra Entertainment Group is misspelled as "Elektrica Entertainment Group." (01:13:19)


Other mistake: When Ash and friends enter the ferry terminal, the inner part of a Raichu's left ear is mistakenly coloured brown instead of yellow. Also, the boy thinking about something has a yellow shirt which turns white in the next shot. Additionally, the boy across from him has a white shirt, but in the next shot, it is blue. (00:30:01)


Other mistake: When Dragonite begins flying upward for the first time, its antennae are missing briefly. (00:26:11)


Continuity mistake: In Pikachu's vacation when Pikachu and the rest of his friends are pulling Charizard's head out, the rope that they use was not there during the previous shots.

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Mewtwo: Behold my powers! I am the most powerful Pokémon in the world.

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Trivia: The "fighting is wrong" moral ending exists only in the American version. In the original Japanese, the ending was that Mewtwo accepted it could be a proper Pokemen in spite of having been brought to life by humans, because Ash (Satoshi in the original Japanese) is still a proper human in spite of just having been brought (back) to life by the other pokemon.

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Question: Does Missingno, the infamous "Pokemon 000" glitch in Pokemon Red/Green (Red/Blue in the states) appear in this movie?

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