Point Break

Question: Is the actor playing Rosie at the very end when he releases Tyler a different actor than the rest of the film? When he goes up to hug Bohdi he looks very different from earlier.

Question: The final showdown between Utah and Bodhi was shot at Bells Beach, but was the wave footage also shot there? I'm especially interested in the closeups. Waves of that size and strength are not commonplace, and no surfer (save Eddie Aikau) would even attempt to tackle such a monster set.


Chosen answer: No part of the film was shot anywhere near Bells Beach. It is not even Australia.

Question: What exactly is Anthony Kiedis doing on his bed when Keanu Reeves looks in the apartment before the big shoot-out? Is he listening to music, shooting up heroin or (as my pals suggested) is he jacking off whilst watching the woman in the nearby shower?

Answer: He is listening to music and just getting getting really into it.


Question: Near the end of the movie when Utah goes to capture Bohdi in Australia, he looks quite a bit heavier, was this scene shot sometime after the movie was originally filmed?

Answer: Basing this off nothing but a theory, I always thought that sequence was shot first, given his hair length. I surmised that Keanu came in with long hair to shoot that sequence, then got a haircut to shoot the rest of the movie. Again, this is 100% speculation, just my two cents.


Answer: Possibly. But remember when they were telling Utah about the 50-year storm, they said it would be next year. Plenty of time for the character to gain weight.


Question: What is the make/model of the airplane used in the skydiving scenes?

Answer: The plane is a Beech 65-A90 King Air.


Question: Gary Busey (Angelo) is supposed to be keeping an eye on the bank, the one that he and Johnny Utah expect the Ex-Presidents to rob. Instead, he is reading Calvin and Hobbes comics and not watching the bank at all. As a result, he doesn't see the Ex-Presidents pull up and enter the bank to rob it. Why was he not doing his job? Is he simply an idiot?


Answer: Probably not an idiot, but perhaps a big disappointment to FBI higher-ups. Having Angelo distracted was designed to make the movie more exciting, but there's a good chance this could have happened (and does happen) in real life. Stakeout work is typically long and boring, and may be non-productive because the agents can't know with certainty if/when (or where) the robbers will show up. After years/decades of conducting boring stakeouts where no-one came or robbers arrived after several hours, agents' experiences may lead them to believe nothing is going to happen right away - it will be a long wait. A false sense of security leads to slacking off, and opportunities for robbers to be more successful increase. While it might be required that FBI agents give their undivided attention on the job - no matter how boring - it is unrealistic to expect that all agents stay alert at all times. Reading comics to pass the time isn't impressive, but being able to laugh is a stress reducer.


Dead wrong.


I gave you an "up" vote because I am an idiot and Angelo is "simply an idiot."


Question: Why is Pappas ridiculed by the other agents for his theory that the ex-presidents surf when they're not robbing banks? Is it really that outlandish?

Answer: Because he's regarded as a burned out hippie.


Other mistake: In the fight scene where Bohdi helps special agent Utah you see that his surf board gets broken in two and then after the fight he is seen leaving without the board, but in the scene where he and Tyler are woken up early to go surf right before Tyler says "you look like you just saw a ghost" you see him carrying the same board.


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Pappas: Listen you snot-nose little shit, I was takin' shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin' in your hands and rubbin' it on your face.

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Trivia: Johnny is reporting to Angelo on Bhodi's movements that day. He comments on how he goes and eats lunch at "Patrick's Roadhouse." There is an actual bar and grill on the Pacific Coast Highway right out of Los Angeles called 'Patrick's Roadhouse', but Patrick Swayze also starred in "Roadhouse" a few years earlier, so this seems like a deliberate nod.

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