The Family

The Family (2013)

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Character mistake: At the party, Fred is supposed to make a bbq, feeding about 50 people. But once he's got the fire going, he puts two lonely pieces of hamburger meat on top, to cook - only two.


Continuity mistake: Michelle Pfeiffer's costume. First we see her toes being painted, drying with tissue between each of her toes. She gets up from the chair to take the peppers out of the oven, talking to Fred about being a writer. She then goes out the door across the street with socks on and Fred's slippers. She never put on any socks or pulled out the tissue.

Character mistake: Fred is asked, over the phone, to a monthly cinema gathering and debate. Having heard the phone call on tape, Stan comes over and tells Fred he is crazy to even think of going. Fred says he'll get the film and watch it, then go to the debate. But they don't "get the film", they "go" to the cinema, to watch the film, along with about fifty people, then have the debate.


Robert Stansfield: You're not a writer, Fred.
Fred Blake: You even said I have a style of my own.
Robert Stansfield: You're just a mean son-of-a-bitch that managed to save his own ass.

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