Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & You (2005)


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Luce: Well, it should be a breakup bouquet, and it should be hydrangeas. They mean "It's over, but think of me well."

H: Do penguins have knees?

Luce: You should ask her, you know.
Heck: Bless you but... I couldn't ask Rach if there is anything wrong that would be way too scary.
Luce: Why?
Heck: What if there is?

Rachel: Okay. So do you see? You have to see. I... I can't do this. I can't actually do this. So whatever it is, or was, it's got to stop, and it's got to stop now, do you understand? It's over.

Luce: I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes... Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realise that you were incomplete and now you are whole.

Rachel: You make me feel something I absolutely cannot feel.

Luce: Thorns! Thorns! In my bum! Ow.

Rachel: Boom! Hold that thought.

Rachel: Everyone promises you happily ever after... but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.

Tessa: Cooper, that trollop. That man would shag an open wound.

Luce: Don't forget me.
Rachel: I won't remember anything else.

Coop: Fuck me if I'm wrong, but I think you want to kiss me.
Luce: It's not going to happen.

Tessa: This man's as useless as a fart in a jam jar.

Edie: You need a love life.
Luce: I have a like life. It suits me fine.

Luce: What's your name, anyway?
H: Everyone calls me 'H'. They tell me it's short for Henrietta, but it's not. It's short for Jesus "H" Christ. That's what my mummy said when she found out she was pregnant with me.

Coop: Later on tonight, we're going to fall madly in bed.

Tessa: Will you fuck off with the fucking candles?

Ned: So, who's the lucky chap? What's his name?
Rachel: Her name... is Luce.
Tessa: Luce? As in a woman? As are you a woman? So you mean you two are lesbifriends?
Rachel: It doesn't matter what you call it, it's not going to happen.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, the bride's mother puts a clip in her younger daughter's hair, but, in the next shot, the clip is gone.


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