Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Character mistake: Flint, despite pronouncing the name of the FLDSMDFR perfectly and berating others for failing to do so in the first film, now pronounces it incorrectly many times, sounding closer to FLDSDFOMNR.


Character mistake: When Barb introduces herself to Flint, Steve calls her a monkey, and she corrects him saying that she's an "Orangutang", pronouncing the G at the end. But the correct word is Orangutan, with no G sound. Barb would surely know this, as a genius ape.

immortal eskimo

Plot hole: If Chester's plan was to steal the machine the entire time why didn't he just have his people steal the machine while it was still floating in the air during the first film? There was plenty of time to capture it before the food started mutating so what was he waiting for if he needed it so bad?


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Earl Devereaux: I'm not a barista! I'm a police-sta!

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Trivia: When Flint Lockwood's Party-in-a-Box goes off during an Inventor Presentation, two Wilhelm Screams can be heard.

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