Planet of the Apes

Trivia: To help keep Heston from hurting his feet when running, he was fitted with rubber soles molded to look like bare feet.


Trivia: Taylor's first name, George, is never mentioned in the film. He is referred to only as "Taylor."

Trivia: During breaks, the ape makeup couldn't be removed. It is interesting to note that the chimps naturally hung out with other chimps during breaks, the gorillas natually hung out with other gorillas, and the orangutans naturally hung out with other orangutans.

Trivia: This film holds the world record for highest makeup budget.

Trivia: During breaks, the ape makeup couldn't be removed, so almost all of the food eaten had to be fed through straws.

Trivia: Something that I found rather amusing. In the 1968 'Planet Of The Apes' film, its immediate sequels, and the spin-off television series, apes have acquired a high level of intelligence, but lack technology. They can construct simple houses and buildings, write books, cultivate the land for food, organise governmental systems, but they cannot make machines, or run factories. Yet the apes possess vast quantities of guns, and have an unlimited supply of ammunition, which they apply to keep humans under control. Like or loathe firearms, it requires a great level of technical skill and resource to make a gun. Soon many people began to ask: how can the apes have so many guns, when they have no factories in which to make them? It was not long before somebody found a simple answer to what seemed like an unanswerable conundrum. All the weapons were left over from World War III, and discovered by the apes after they evolved.

Rob Halliday

Trivia: Charlton Heston is shot in the throat and captured by the apes. During his healing in captivity, Dr. Zira nicknames him "Bright Eyes," because of his obvious intelligence. A year earlier, when Charlton Heston appeared in the western "Will Penny," Heston's pack-horse was also named "Bright Eyes" in the film.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: The first exterior shots of the spacecraft in the desert lake show the spaceship's hatch door already gone... before the astronauts blow it off with an explosive charge minutes later in the movie.

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George Taylor: Take your stinkin' paws off me, ya damn dirty ape.

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Question: At the end he sees the Statue of Liberty on the beach. How did the statue get there from Ellis Island?

Answer: He's in the same location as Ellis Island. Thousands of years have resulted in significant changes geographically.

Answer: The statue was destroyed during the nuclear war at some point in the past. The remnant of it had washed ashore to where Taylor finds it.


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