Robot & Frank
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Frank: I knew you had an off switch.

Frank: I would rather die eating cheeseburgers than live off steamed cauliflower.

Frank: Why are you wearing a space helmet?
Robot: Frank, we need to leave.

Frank: I hate hikes. God damned bugs! You've seen one tree - you've seen all.

Frank: Every security system is designed by security companies, not thiefs. It's not the question of if a thief can break in, it's how long. They place all the heavy systems where their customers can see them. They're selling the feel of security.

Frank: The human brain, a lovely piece of hardware.

Robot: Self-destruct sequence initialized.

Frank: Can't you just erase the bad parts?
Robot: My memory is a holographic array. If I lost half of it I'd still have every memory, just in half the resolution.

Robot: After you wipe my memory things can go back to normal and you can continue planning your next job.
Frank: What did you say?
Robot: Remember Frank, your next job. You deal in diamonds and jewels, the most value by the ounce. It's not too late, Frank. Don't give up. Lifting that high-end stuff, no-one gets hurt. Except those insurance company crooks.

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