Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
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Annabeth: You'd destroy the whole world just, to what, to get back at your dad?
Luke: The Olympians overthrew their parents. It's just our turn.
Percy Jackson: We met your father. He said that he knows that he made mistakes, and he... he told us to tell you to not be so angry.
Luke: Really? And he couldn't even tell me himself. Does that sound familiar?

Grover: This is a bad idea.
Percy Jackson: You don't even know what I was gonna say.
Grover: You were going to say you're going after the fleece.
Annabeth: Actually, he was going to say we were.

Grover: Go Percy! I have 50 drachma on you.
Annabeth: You bet on this?
Grover: What, is that wrong?

Percy Jackson: Why are you in a dress?
Grover: I'm having a really bad day.

Kronos: Percy Jackson! Your destiny was written long ago.
Percy Jackson: I write my own destiny.

Hermes: Hercules Busts Heads Season 1.
Hermes: Best TV Shows ever.
Hermes: So of course... cancelled.

Clarisse: Don't worry about always coming in second, Jackson.
Percy Jackson: You know everything they say about you is wrong, Clarisse. You actually do have a sense of humor.

Continuity mistake: When Percy is tossed though the air by the Cyclops the fleece disappears from Percy's hand, but reappears when he lands on the table. (01:18:25)


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Question: What are the names of the three sisters?

Answer: According to Riordan Wiki on Fandom, they are the Grey sisters, Anger (Deino), Tempest (Persis or Perso), and Wasp (Pemphredo). They are the daughters of minor sea gods.

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