Pacific Rim

Factual error: The coastal wall in Sydney is shown as being inside the Sydney Harbour (right next to the Opera House). But Sydney Harbour is not on the Pacific coast but a part of the Parramatta river, several kilometres from the ocean (where the wall should have been). So the wall is either not shielding the northern part of Australia or (more likely) the producers decided that the audience cannot tell that it is Sydney unless we see the Opera House.

Plot hole: The Kaiju's EMP fries all electrical circuits next to him, and affects the base as well. If that's true, how did the helicopters carrying Gypsy survive the blast without having their electronics fried? EMP pulses induce current in all electronics regardless of whether they're powered on or not. (01:18:00)

Marcus CaptainSlow Belicchi

Factual error: During the Hong Kong battle, one of the Kaiju disables the Australian Jaeger and the base by emitting an EMP blast. Becket claimed that the Gipsy Danger was immune because it had a nuclear core and was therefore "analog". Being nuclear powered has no bearing on whether a machine is analog or not, and the EMP would certainly affect all the electronic circuitry needed to control the Gipsy.


Factual error: Gipsy Danger's fist bumps into an office table as it screeches to a halt. The Newton's cradle on the table has an impossible reaction. All of the balls would simply sway in parallel, and not the 'classic' reaction displayed in the movie.

Other mistake: In the scene from Mako's memory, the terrified little girl stops crying and smiles when Pentecost emerges from the Jaeger's head/cockpit. But if the Jaegers are 250 feet tall, how could she possibly have seen him? It's not kneeling when she looks up at him.

Continuity mistake: When Gipsy Danger is lifted by the Kaiju in Hong Kong, they end up well above the clouds, and when Gipsy falls she eventually breaks through them. But in the shots when she is falling, you can see that there are no clouds around Hong Kong for miles. That, and Pentecost has a clear view of Gipsy through his binoculars.


Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Mako swims to the unconscious Raleigh's survival, blows the top shield of his survival pod, removes his helmet and checks for a carotid pulse...while wearing gloves. No wonder she thought he was dead.

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Factual error: When the Kaiju "Trespasser" hits San Francisco at the start, F-22 Raptors attack it at the Golden Gate Bridge. The Raptors each fire two machineguns - but the F-22 carries only a single M61A2 cannon.

Revealing mistake: In one of the first scenes, one of the characters is standing with an umbrella close to a landing helicopter - without the umbrella being the least affected by the wind.

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Plot hole: Gypsy Danger grabs the wounded Kaiju and falls into the interdimensional rift, which opens in response to the presence of Kaiju DNA. That's how Gypsy Danger entered the Kaiju dimension, but Mako and Raleigh somehow escape the Kaiju dimension in their life pods without using Kaiju DNA. Obviously, the rift allows physical objects and energy to pass unobstructed from the Kaiju dimension into our dimension, but not the other way 'round. If this is the case, then Gypsy Danger's thermonuclear detonation in the Kaiju dimension should have burst through the interdimensional rift, as well, at least for a second or so, at roughly the speed of light. Given that Raleigh and Mako had only a 16 to 20 second head start ahead of the blast, they should have been vaporized.

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Other mistake: Right after Otachi sprays acid, Gipsy reaches in its mouth to pull its tongue out, but doesn't get affected by any.

Other mistake: During the triple event, different war clocks times are different. One that is stopped and the one that wasn't reset.


Continuity mistake: During the birth of the baby Kaiju, when it faints Dr. Newton changes positions from farther away from the baby Kaiju to closer while he is curled up on the ground. The same thing happens the second time the baby Kaiju faints.


Factual error: When the fisherman in the beginning locates the supposed island on the radar he says it's three miles away. The Kaiju (island) then crosses the distance to the boat in about ten seconds. This would mean that the Kaiju swims at a whopping 1080mph (1738 kph) which equates to about Mach 1.4.


Continuity mistake: When Leatherback tosses Gipsy Danger onto the docks, she ends up on kneeling on her left knee. On the inside shots, we see Mako also on her left knee, but Raleigh is leaning on his right knee, meaning Gipsy Danger would be on both.


Continuity mistake: The crew of Striker shoots Leatherback in the eye, but in the next scene, it's fine.

Continuity mistake: When Chuck Hansen is sitting at the dinner table arguing with Raleigh he is bareheaded. He stands up and in the next shot he has his baseball cap on. He had no time to put it on at all. It seems to have spontaneously appeared on his head.


Continuity mistake: After in the battle for Hongkong Otachi spits acid against Cherno Alpha, the J├Ąger's head is almost completely eaten away. but when Leatherback emerges and joins the fight, Cherno's head is there again (before it gets ripped off).

Audio problem: When Newton is telling Stacker what he saw when he drifted with a Kaiju brain, his lips don't match what he's saying in some shots.


Factual error: During the opening scene, the F-22 Raptors battling against Trespasser have the tail code "FF", which is the Air Combat Command's 1st fighter wing based out of Langley AFB, Virginia, while this scene is set in California. The aircraft should be F-15C Eagles of the California Air Guard's 144th Fighter Wing. (00:01:31)

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Suggested correction: This is also a film set in 2020 when a large portion of the world's military has been destroyed by the Kaiju invasions. They're doing what they can with the equipment they have, which is all being sent to the Pacific coast.

Stacker Pentecost: One, don't you ever touch me again. Two, don't you ever touch me again.

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Trivia: If you listen to track 1 of the soundtrack, Gipsy Danger's signature horn can be heard at various points.


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Question: Is it ever established why the Kaiju attack cities? Why they perceive a challenge, a threat, a resource worth taking there specifically? If they are a decent biochemical match to Earth life, and are hungry, why don't they attack schools of fish, or fishing/whaling vessels, if nothing else, they should attack the cannery row? If they are after a non-living resource, like minerals, why don't they root through the seabed or attack mines?


Chosen answer: Because they are scouts for an invasion of Earth from another dimension. They are testing our response to their arrival and military capabilities and the best way to attract military attention is to attack population centers.

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