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Corrected entry: Just as Gage is about to cut Jud, the knife he uses is something like a butter knife, and just after Gage cuts his face, the knife has now changed completely into something resembling more of a kitchen knife.


Correction: Gage never uses any kind of knife at all. It's his dad's scalpel the whole time.


Corrected entry: When Rachel comes home, she hears her sister Zelda call her name from Jud's house. So why would she go over there when she knows she's dead? Same thing with Gage. She knows he's dead yet thinks nothing of seeing him standing there with a scalpel in his hand.


Correction: They are grieving and miss their family members. In the case of hearing her sister, she may have not believed her ears and went to find out what she was really hearing. She my have been too emotional at hearing her dead sister's voice to think. Same with seeing Gage. Here's her baby boy, alive by all appearances when she thought she'd lost him forever. Logical thought goes right out the window at a time like that.

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Corrected entry: It seems that the neighbour's house which Louis sets on fire in the end is allowed to burn for hours, right to the ground. How come? Even considering there are no other inhabitants in the area, that road right between of the two houses has traffic all the time.


Correction: The book and movie implies that there is some kind of "evilness" on this road, on the houses, perhaps the whole town. It is what prevented Gage from being killed, it is what brings back the dead and makes the deceased "soured inside", it's what causes all the grief, it is what has destroyed people's lives since the Indians cursed the land. It is implied from the beginning that it is a strong force. It is entirely possible that the evil could prevent anyone or anything from stopping the home from burning, including the "convenience" of no one being on that road when a house that has had horror occur in it starts to burn.

Corrected entry: In the part where it flashes back to when Gage was hit by the truck they show him turning his head to see what is behind him then he gets hit, whereas previously when they showed him really get hit he is obviously facing straight at the truck.

Correction: The flashback was in Louis' dream, there's no mistakes in dreams.


Corrected entry: After burying his wife in the old Indian cemetery, Louis starts to play cards in the kitchen. When his wife returns, there are too many cards on the floor.

Correction: He could use two decks. Many games (including some solitare games) are played with two or more decks.


Corrected entry: Gage gets hit by a semi barreling down the road. Considering he's only 2 years old, this would almost certainly have destroyed his tiny body, which is obviously why his casket was closed. Yet when Lewis digs him up, then later in the movie, Gage only has a scar on his forehead.

Correction: Morticians are able to cover damage to bodies with makeup, stitching and many other techniques. Gage is wearing a long sleeved jacket and pants so there is no way of telling the damage done to his body, the clothing could hide damage. His head and face may not have been damaged to the point that it wasn't repairable (it doesn't show his body after being hit and it doesn't show how he was hit - it could be that his body was flung at an angle and his face and head were missed by the truck) so there really is no way to say if he would/would not just have a small scar from repairs done by the mortician. It is possible that his face and head weren't badly damaged.

Corrected entry: Gage is hit by a large truck moving fast enough to make his shoe fly off, yet when he rises from the dead after his father buries him in the pet cemetery, he doesn't have a mark on him.


Correction: First of all, it doesn't take much at all to get a toddler's shoe off. Keeping them on, there's the trick. Second, damage done could have been fixed by the mortician postmortem.

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Continuity mistake: There is no knife on the table when the wife enters the kitchen at the very end, however, she walks straight to Louis, hugs him and then magically a knife appears at the edge of the table which she picks up and uses to stab him (implied - the movie actually ends at that point).

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Trivia: At the beginning of the movie when it shows the pet graves in the Pet Sematary there is a grave that says, "Smucky the Cat, he was obedient." Smucky the Cat was actually Stephen King's daughter's cat that was killed.

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Question: Why did Louis kill Church at the end? He only planned on killing Gage if he came back like Timmy Baterman did, and he could have just walked in after distracting Church with the meat.


Chosen answer: Church's behavior had changed after being buried. He was now violent (and working with Gage) and needed to be put down before killing anyone.


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