Cloud Atlas

Adam Ewing's story: Autua saves Adam (Jim Sturgess) from being poisoned to death by Dr. Goose (Tom Hanks). Adam arrives home and is reunited with his wife Tilda (Doona Bae). Inspired by Autua's kindness and bravery, Adam decides to move to the Chatham Islands with his wife and support those who are against slavery.

Robert Frobisher's story: Robert (Ben Whishaw) hides from the authorities in a hotel after accidentally shooting Vyvyan Ars (Jim Broadbent) and completes his masterpiece ("The Cloud Atlas Sextet"). He writes one final letter to his boyfriend Rufus Sixsmith (James D'Arcy) and then shoots himself.

Luisa Rey's story: Luisa (Halle Berry), with the help of Joe Napier (Keith David) and Rufus Sixsmith's niece Megan, exposes the truth about the power plant and gives to Megan the letters written by Robert Frobisher to Sixsmith.

Timothy Cavendish's story: Timothy (Jim Broadbent) and three other residents of Aurora House manage to escape the retirement home and receive a bit of help from a few soccer fans, when Nurse Noakes (Hugo Weaving) and other members of Aurora staff catch up to Timothy and his friends.

Sonmi 451's story: Sonmi (Doona Bae) learns the truth about "Fabricants" (waitresses) and the corporation she works for... Fabricants are killed and then made into food for other Fabricants. Members of Union (a resistance movement) take her to Hawaii so that she can broadcast the truth about the corporation. Government agents attack the broadcast station, Hae Joo (Jim Sturgess) is killed, Sonmi is captured and then executed.

Zachry's story: Meronym (Halle Berry) saves Zachry (Tom Hanks) from the Kona tribe when he returns to his village. Zachry and his niece Catkin leave with Meronym and the other "Prescients" (people that live outside of "The Valley" and use technology). Many years later, Zachry is telling the story of when Meronym arrived to the island and it's revealed that he and the Prescients moved to another planet. Meronym and Zachry are a happy couple and it's also revealed that Zachry has a comet shaped birthmark, just like Luisa Rey and Robert Frobisher.

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Continuity mistake: When the old composer is sitting on the couch and directing the young guy on music, there are pillows on the couch. The positions of the pillows change subtly between shots through the scene.

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Robert Frobisher: A half-finished book is, after all, a half finished love affair.

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Question: What is the significance of the birth mark that keeps jumping between characters as time goes by?

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Chosen answer: Jim Broadbent's publisher character Cavendish has one but it is very easy to miss. It can be seen for a split second when he is about to get into bed as a young man with Ursula. The Comet is the subtle link, but each protagonist is more overtly linked by their actions or what they leave to history. Frobisher reading Adam Ewing's Novel. Luisa Rey reading Frobisher's letters and playing his Cloud Atlas Quartet. Cavendish reading a bound copy of Luisa Rey's Novel while on the train. Sonmi's fellow fabricant watching and being inspired by the movie that was made about Cavendish's adventure. All their actions culminate in the redemption of Tom Hanks in the final story.

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