White House Down

At the end of the film Raphelson and Finnerty fly to the White House on Marine One, and they meet up with Cale. Cale proceeds to tell Raphelson that President Sawyer is dead, so Raphelson orders troops back into the Demilitarized zone, which is a violation of the peace treaty. Raphelson confronted over the fact that it was him who gave Walker the launch codes and tried to kill the President and the air strike would have destroyed all the evidence that proved he was involved in the attack. President Sawyer then emerges from the rubble and orders Raphelson arrested for treason for the attempted coup.


Factual error: While the Vice President is on board, the Boeing VC-25 of the president is referred to as Air Force One, even though the president is not on board. It should be referred to as Air Force Two.

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Walker: You want some cake?
Stenz: No, I don't want cake! I'm a diabetic!

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Trivia: The bad guys chasing the Presidential limo around with a minigun-containing SUV might seem like movie fiction, but that's actually part of the presidential motorcade - two such SUVs, each containing a Dillon Aero Gatling gun.

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Question: At least a couple of times the grenades make a clear "clockwork" noise before going off, which I don't recall happening in many other films. Do any grenades actually make a noise like that? Or is it actually accurate, and silent grenades are the inaccurate "movie" versions?

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Chosen answer: Grenades generally do not make any sound until they detonate. When you release the spoon (lever) as you throw it, it can make a "ping" sound as its separates from the grenade. No clockwork noises. (I'm ex Army).


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