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Mub: What's going on, baby girl?
Mary Katherine: Talking snails.
Mub: Actually, he's a snail. I'm a sluuuug. No shell over here, baby. It just slows me down.

Nod: Can't you go a little faster?
Mub: It's kinda hard with you pulling on my brain.

Jinn: You know what we'll do if you win?
Nod: I don't know. Lose?

Nim Galuu: The scrolls don't tell us the future, they only guide us with the knowledge of the past.

Mary Katherine: My dad always told me stories about a hidden world. Where brave warriors watch over and protect us.

Bomba: Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it's not there.

Bufo: Oh, look, it's Ronin. Defender of the weak, pooper of parties.

Mandrake: Ronin! What a surprise! I get so few guests.
Ronin: Could be the stench of death. Some people don't care for it.

Ronin: Many leaves, one tree. We're all individuals, but we're still connected. No one's alone.

Mandrake: I'm going to destroy the forest. But I'm only going to do it once, so try to pay attention.

Nod: Nice tail. It's flexible.

Ronin: If our world dies, your world will die too.

Continuity mistake: As in most movies I've seen where size is a main factor, the animators did not pay much attention to scale. In the scene where the main character leads the leaf people to her father's house, she is jumping and lands on the thinnest pencils I've ever seen. They have the width of the pencil smaller than her foot. However later on, it is shown that a push pin is almost the size of her body.

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