The Brother from Another Planet
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Bernice: What you want for dinner?
Odell: You mean, what do I want, or what do I want that you can cook?
Bernice: Well, in that case, where are you taking me?
Odell: Yeah, what do you want to have?
Bernice: You mean, what do I want, or what do I want that you can afford?

Phil: I mean, I didn't want to be like Ernie Banks. I wanted to be Ernie Banks.
Ed: Mr. Cub.
Phil: And it never really dawned on me that he was Black.
Ed: Wrist hitter.
Phil: I was, you know, seven years old. And he was just... Ernie Banks. He was my hero.
Ed: All in the wrists.
Phil: There weren't any Black people in my town. At least I don't think there were.
Ed: Mr. Cub.

Basketball Player: Funny-lookin' motherfucker, but he can shoot, can't he?

Fly: (about Harlem) I'd rather be a cockroach on a baseboard up here than the Emperor of Mississippi.

Virgil: Nighttime is promise, brother. You make deals in the night. Pay all you've got for what you can't see and when sun come up. Illuminate: we been cheated again.

Continuity mistake: The social worker takes "the brother" to stay for a while at a female friend's place. Her son, "little Earl" has a bandage on his left knee. He peels the bandage off and sets it on the floor to show "the brother alien" his injury. A medium shot shows there is no bandage on the floor. The "alien" puts his hand on the boy's knee, and heals it. The very next shot the bandage is back on the boy's knee and the scene continues.

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