The Shoes of the Fisherman

Other mistake: When Bp. Lakota is being interviewed by George Faber when he is just off the plane from Russia, he responds to a question by addressing Faber by name, Mr. Faber. It is extremely unlikely that Lakota could have known Faber's name beforehand.

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Factual error: When Premier Kamenev shows Kiril a map over the Chinese-Soviet border, it shows the Korean peninsula as a part of China.

George Faber: Were you permitted to practice your ministry as a priest?
Kiril Lakota: No, I - I practiced it without permission among my fellow prisoners.
George Faber: Do you see any hope then for the day when Christian faith, or more specifically the Roman Catholic faith, may be practiced freely in Marxist countries?
Kiril Lakota: I have no inside information as to how the Kingdom of God is going to be established.

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