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Corrected entry: Tony could not have the head band control on the boat to control the mark 42, he did not have anything when he got to the Mandarin's place.


Correction: The control unit is stored in the helmet, which flew to him with the rest of the suit.

Absolutely wrong there is no room inside the helmet for the control.

The Mark XLII Telepresence Headset is quite small. There is absolutely enough room within the helmet of the Mark XLII armour for it to be stored.

With the shots that we get from inside the helmet we can see that there is a small space around his head. This would be to aid in the cushioning of gunshots to the head. There would be enough space for this to headset to fit as it is most likely the device that projects his HUD to the inside of the helmet every time that he uses one of his suits. So would need to be present in most if not all of them.


Corrected entry: Tony starts the movie with putting a number of sensors into his body, so that the Mark XLII knows where he and his limbs are. But neither Pepper or Killian have these sensors (it is ridiculously unlikely to assume otherwise) and yet the suit assembles perfectly fine on them as well.


Correction: The sensors injected into him allow him to remote control his suit. Not just follow him. it allows him to send it anywhere.


Corrected entry: Air Force One explodes quite a while after the 13 people have been sucked out near the tail section of the plane. During the delayed (15+ seconds) explosion, you can see lots of debris falling with smoke trails. The problem: During the rescue, as Iron Man is catching the free-falling victims, you can see many debris trails that have already fallen below past the victims. This defies Newton's law of gravity regarding items, no matter their weight or size, will all fall at the same speed, (even when you factor wind resistance). Even with arms and legs extended, all of those people would not have slowed down enough to allow all that debris to pass, especially with the head start they had.


Correction: You are forgetting to take into account that the plane EXPLODED. This would have pushed pieces of debris in all directions at many hundreds of miles an hour. Even considering air resistance, explosive force would mean the debris was travelling far faster than free-falling people (terminal velocity being around 120mph) and could easily have overtaken them.

Corrected entry: When Ellen Brandt handcuffs Tony in the bar, his hands are behind him. After being chased into a kitchen area and fighting, his hands are now handcuffed in front of him.

Correction: Tony brings his legs up through his cuffs during the scene where he first breaks through the window.

Corrected entry: Pepper is in hospital with an IV line in her arm. A nurse comes in and injects a drug into the line. The problem is: The nurse doesn't kink the line above where she injects, which means the drug can go up the line and into the IV bag as well as going down the line. When a drug is ordered IV, the doctor who ordered the drug wants it to go in quickly, not slowly from the bag or upper tubing.


Correction: IV lines have reflux valves. You never have to "kink" the line for the medication to go only to the patient. Secondly she's not in a hospital, she's imprisoned at a ship yard, so there isn't a doctor or a nurse. Just a guy in a collared shirt and pants. Lastly "the doctor" doesn't want you to bolus (push in quickly) all medications, eg. Adenosine should be pushed over 6 min. If you bolus adenosine it will stop your heart. Pain medications are pushed in over 2 min, and usually bolused in to the IV line port (which again does not need to be kinked) The dripping IV fluid will push it in slowly, preventing that head rush junkies love.

Corrected entry: Jarvis tells Tony that crews have arrived with cranes to start removing debris to reach the basement lab. With the number of suits stored there why couldn't the suits just dig or blast their way out under remote control? 99% of the house fell into the ocean so there wasn't so much rubble that the suits couldn't free themselves.


Correction: A majority does fall into the sea but not 99% - the rest collapses onto the basement. Stark probably had some blast proof doors to keep people from getting in, so his armors wouldn't be able to blast out.

Corrected entry: The explosion of a failed Extremis subject is so strong it vaporizes living organisms in the blast radius along with collateral damage (as shown at the Chinese Theater). In Tennessee, the site of a similar incident, it is shown that the crater of the explosion is a few feet from the corner of two walls. The walls, for some reason, were not obliterated even though the explosion was strong enough to destroy everything else.

Correction: There is severe damage to the walls in Tennessee, and if you watch the Chinese Theater scenes you see that all of the walls surrounding the blast area are intact. The Extremis explosion is a heat-related blast, the bulk of the damage is to organic tissue.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Don Cheadle gets out of a car filled with men, he takes a pump action gun and pumps it, then a man takes the gun and also pumps it - pointless after Don already did it - which would mean an unused shell should have been ejected, but it wasn't.


Correction: There is a scene showing a shotgun pumped twice, however the shell does eject. But, there is no scene remotely close to what you describe occurring with Don Cheadle (Iron Patriot). Please clarify when it occurs.


Corrected entry: When Tony first meets Trevor, he holds him at gunpoint with a semi-auto pistol. After thinking that he's a decoy, Tony racks the slide of his pistol and asks where the real Mandarin is. No bullet comes out of the pistol when Tony racks the slide, meaning that it wasn't loaded when he was initially threatening Trevor. Considering that Tony is an experienced weapons designer, there's no way he would've been roaming through the heavily armed enemy HQ holding an unloaded gun. (01:15:50)


Correction: Tony designs weapons, he isn't proficient in using them. This is made abundantly clear later in the film where he is confused about whether different magazines will fit his gun.

Corrected entry: The "Igor" armor was last seen supporting the damaged platform and preventing it from collapsing. After Tony orders the Clean Slate Protocol which destroys all the armors, this should have included Igor, which would mean the platform should have collapsed and put Tony and Pepper's life at risk.


Correction: Jarvis may be only artificially intelligent, but he's not stupid. Jarvis did not destroy "Igor" because doing so would kill Tony and Pepper, just like Jarvis also did not destroy the suit that Pepper was still wearing when Tony gave the order to initiate the Clean Slate Protocol. The obvious exceptions in those circumstances went without saying.

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Corrected entry: During her fight with Killian, Pepper tore off the arm of a random Iron Man armor and fired a repulsor blast at a mini missile, thereby killing him. How was Pepper able to control the arm? Without a helmet, she didn't have any neural interface with the armor and unlike Tony, she didn't have any implants that would have allowed her to communicate with the armor. In addition, where did the arm get the power to fire the repulsor blast? There was no connection between the arm and the ARC reactor in the chest of the armor.


Correction: The suits were pretty modular. Although nobody else could actually equip the suits, it makes sense that he would make it so that some features could still be used by Pepper, this example being a case in point. And about it being able to fire without the ARC reactor; it's very plausible that it would only need to be connected to draw power directly from it. There could be enough energy in the arm itself to fire off a blast.


I think the repulsors and other suit functions can be controlled by contextual body movements. Earlier in the movie we see Savin rotate his wrist and that opens up the iron patriot suits palm to expose his bare hand. We hear no audible commands being given there. Same could be applied here with repulsors maybe there's a hand movement like opening your palm fully that fires a repulsor blast.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Stark and Maya are in the bedroom, Stark is sitting on the right side of the bed. However, once the plant explodes and Stark is tackled by Happy, he is suddenly lying on the left side of the bed.


Correction: Actually he is on the left side the whole time. The camera is on the bed, therefore you see Tony on the right and Maya on the left.


Character mistake: When Harley asks Tony what the light is coming from his chest, Tony responds "an electromagnet." Harley replies "What does it power?" An electromagnet is not a source of power. The arc reactor is the power source which powers both the electromagnet (to keep Tony safe from the shrapnel near his heart) and the Iron Man suit. (00:43:25)

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Tony Stark: Jarvis, do me a favor, blow the Mark 42.

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Trivia: Stay till to the end of the credits once again for an extra scene. This time featuring an unexpected cameo and after that a tag line appears that says,"Tony Stark Will Return". (02:09:05 - 02:10:20)


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Question: Why does the newspaper Harley hands Tony in the garage have the date of Dec 2013? I thought these events took place six months after New York?


Chosen answer: The Battle of New York was never specified to take place in 2012, we just know that the film came out then. Based on the newspaper we can assume that the battle was in June 2013, rather than some time in 2012 as many would have previously assumed.

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