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Corrected entry: At the start of the movie when Brian and Dom are racing in both the Dodge Challenger and Nissan Skyline they are seen moving the shifter with their hands. They would have no need to do this as the challenger is an automatic and Nissan Skyline has shift paddles. (00:01:00)

Correction: Both the Challenger and the GT-R can be shifted into manual mode by using the gear selector as shown in the opening scene. However, the GTR can only change gear manually using the paddles not the gear selector. The Challenger can be shifted by either the gear selector or by paddles near the steering wheel.

Corrected entry: When Dom removes the bullet from his chest that Lotty fired into him, it's a long pointed rifle projectile, instead of a short stubby pistol projectile.

Correction: The description Brian gives of the gun is very accurate: it is a Soviet/Russian PSM and that does use very pointy bullets (5.45×18mm), like the one Dom pulls from his shoulder.


Corrected entry: When the bridge gets blown during the tank chase Dom and Brian are next to each other. In the next shot there's a big gap - Dom makes it under the bridge and Brian is forced into the jump.

Correction: When the debris from the bridge begins to fall onto the road below, Dom applies more power to the gas pedal of his car and narrowly avoids the debris. Brian is not shown speeding up his car and is forced to make a jump.

Corrected entry: When Brian and Mia are in the red Alfa on the runway, Vegh comes after them in one of the flip cars. Brian turns the car around to trick her into crashing into the barriers, but after the turn the red Alfa is still going towards the plane so to speak, and Vegh is going in the opposite direction. When she crashes, the red Alfa is suddenly going the other way, away from the plane.


Correction: As part of Brian's trick, he puts the Alfa in reverse, allowing him to fly over Vegh's flip car without actually flipping. Since the car is in reverse gear, it is still moving in the same direction, it is just physically facing the other way.

Corrected entry: During the car chase in London Brian and his team get their cars shot up, but in the following chase the cars show no damage.

Correction: The cars that are shot up are just Han and Giselle's cars. Brian, Roman, and Tej's cars do not get damaged by the bullets.

Corrected entry: Shaw is let go from custody with the chip because he has Mia hostage. After he's released, he tries to call his guy to finish her off anyway, but can't, because Tej has blocked all cellular transmissions. No reason why Tej couldn't do that while they had Shaw and his men captured and handcuffed.

Correction: When Shaw and his team are locked away, Tej, along with the rest of Dom's team, did not know that Mia was kidnapped by Shaw until Shaw informed them. It would have been appropriate for Tej to jam the cellular transmissions after they let Shaw go.

Corrected entry: The Underground fight was apparently filmed in Aldwych Tube station, which is unused. When Letty jumps on the train the underground sign has "ras" at the end, probably saying "St. Pancras." When Hobbs heads to the CCTV office, he claims they got attacked in Waterloo Station.

Correction: Letty and Rome and Han are at 2 different stations. Watch closely and you see Roman and Han run past a sign saying Waterloo.

Corrected entry: In the tank scene, after Roman hooks up his broken Mustang/Shelby and gets it crushed, Brian pushes it to the opposite lane when the long bridge starts. A pillar is seen and the rope has to hit the pillar, because the tank and the car are on the two lanes around it, however, they pass it and the rope is still there attaching the two vehicles.

Christian Magbitang

Correction: Brian hits the Mustang/Shelby over the guard rail before the pillar.

Corrected entry: When the crew is chasing after Shaw and his gang. Shaw's goons plant bombs on their cars. The bomb on Brian's car is in a location that technically Brian wouldn't have even known that it was there. If this bomb was somewhere he couldn't see it, then Brian wouldn't have been able to clip the pole to make it fall off. (00:26:00)


Correction: If something hard and metallic is shot at and hits your car, you'll definitely hear it. Brian could see it coming and then heard it hit, so he had a decent guess where it was and just got lucky when he clipped it off.


Corrected entry: Brian compares Shaw's cars to "something you'd hear at Le Mans, a turbo diesel." However, a turbo-diesel is simply a turbocharged diesel engine, fairly popular (and common) in Europe like its non-charged counterpart, due to much better gas mileage and lower price of diesel fuel. On the other hand, WEC (World endurance championship, under which Le Mans 24 belongs) allows lot of variability in engine design. TDI engine was only used by Audi teams and for a short time, by Peugeot. Others used petrol turbo or NA engines.


Correction: Even according to the wording of this mistake, Brian is technically correct. What's more, of the preceding 7 years to this movie, Audi won Le Mans 6 times with turbo diesel engines, so it's not strange to put some focus on that.


Corrected entry: In the railway station fight scene, Riley fights Letty and tries to handcuff her. None of Hobbs' team is watching. As we find out later in the film, Riley is on Shaw's team. The fight isn't for the benefit of any other character, the fight between those two characters doesn't take the plot forward - actually arresting someone from her own team is counter productive, and might even piss Shaw off. (00:45:00 - 00:47:55)

Uri Raz

Correction: It is entirely possible that Riley is fighting Letty to a) to continue her charade of being on Hobb's team just in case anyone's watching, b) because she legitimately hates Letty and is using this as an excuse to fight her. or c) because Shaw knows that Letty has become a liability, and outlived her usefulness. We know Shaw isn't above killing subordinates once they have outlived their purpose to him.

Corrected entry: Hours after the London chase Shaw has acquired detailed police files on Dom's team, despite not seeing their faces.

Correction: Riley could have given them information, as she was working for them.

Corrected entry: At the end when Dom says "ride or die" we see a close up of him changing gear, and the engine makes the sound of changing gear, but he does not change, as the gear stick is already at the bottom.

Correction: Actually this is a feature of the Dodge Charger in Auto-Stick mode; he pulls the stick towards him, properly shifting.

Corrected entry: When Dom and Letty are talking about how she got her scars, Dom says they met when she was 15. In the first movie Mia states that she showed up in his life when she was 10. (01:10:50)


Correction: Actually, in the first movie Mia tells Brian that Letty lived down the block and was always interested in Dom. However, Dom was not interested in Letty until she turned 16. That's when she caught his attention, hence he did not know or acknowledge her until them.

Corrected entry: When Letty and Dom are sliding around Picadilly Circus, right after the slow motion, Letty changes gear. In order to do this, she clutches and shifts. But if you look closely, there are only two pedals: her Interceptor is an automatic. The pedal she actually hits, is the brake. Push the brake that hard during a high-speed drift in an old car like that and it will spin out of control in a massive cloud of smoke.


Correction: Pushing the brake is one way of maintaining a drift and correcting steering when the steering wheel is already at its sharpest angle in an automatic equipped car.


Corrected entry: At the end, we see that Han was killed. The driver who knocked Han's car walked to him and set his car on fire. However, in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, where this accident is first seen, you will notice that Sean hurries to see Han as soon as he had the accident, and he would have seen if a man had set the fire on purpose.

Correction: Sean was at least a block away from Han's car, as he was involved in his own accident moments before. There would have been time enough for Statham to get out of the car and leave before Sean got close enough to see Han. And Sean didn't see Han until he car was already on fire, but before it exploded, so it's another indication Statham had already left.


Corrected entry: The commander of the Army base seems surprised that the bad guys stole a tank in an attempt to secure the computer chip. However he never explains why the tank was in the convoy in the first place or why such a massive truck would be used to transport a small handheld case.


Correction: The convoy was a regularly scheduled convoy that the bad guys infiltrated in order to steal the chip. The reasoning was that if the chip was held by by what appeared to be a random soldier (the army brass not realizing they were compromised) in the convoy, the people after the chip would have a harder time finding it if it was surrounded by the convoy. They basically used an existing planned convoy for transport, rather than sending a single operative, thinking there would be safety in numbers. That's why the tank was in the convoy. He wasn't so much surprised there was a tank in the convoy, but that it was stolen.


Corrected entry: When Brian lands after he jumps the bridge, the Escort is pretty badly damaged. In the rest of the chase, the car is fine. (01:28:00)


Correction: The Ford Escort does get damaged, but not "pretty badly damaged." When the car lands in the opposite lane, one of its headlight rims falls off and its right door hangs open until Brian closes it. In the later scenes of the tank chase, I'm sure it would be hard to tell if the car is visibly damaged, because Brian closed the door and a missing headlight rim isn't really noticeable. "Pretty badly damaged" is an over-exaggeration.

Factual error: In the scene where Shaw is talking to a goon while fixing his car he states the simplest things cause the most problems while holding a spark plug. We know this can't be right as Brian concludes the car is a turbo diesel like a Le Mans car, which would actually use a glow plug and not a spark plug. (00:19:50)


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Suggested correction: That's exactly the problem that Shaw is referring to, a member of his team installed the incorrect plug which caused a problem, i.e. a Spark Plug and not a Glow Plug (a simple thing, causing the problem), along with the 'good' being simple minded and causing the rest of Shaw's team a problem.

The glow plug isn't what causes combustion in a diesel like how a sparkplug does for gas. The wiring harness for a spark plug vs a glow plug is completely different and they aren't interchangeable. You can't just accidentally put a spark plug in a diesel, it doesn't work like that.

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Tej Parker: It's all between you and the car you build. It's a bond, it's a commitment.
Hobbs: Sounds like a marriage.
Tej Parker: Yeah, but with cars, when you trade up they don't take half your shit.

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Trivia: When Brian goes undercover as a prison inmate to talk to Braga, his fake name is T. Bridges. Bridges is the real last name of Ludacris who plays Tej, and T is the first initial of Tyrese Gibson who plays Roman. (00:55:25)

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Chosen answer: All the flashbacks are archive footage.

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