Fast & Furious 6

Continuity mistake: When Dom goes to the street race it shows him watching Letty, Letty walks over to her car and the top is down, she starts to walk around the car, the shot cuts and suddenly the top is up.


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Suggested correction: Letty first walks over to a car she just won with the top down (a Spyker), then closes the door of that car and then walks to her own car (Jensen Interceptor).

Continuity mistake: When Dom hands the cross to Letty, the chain is dangling. Camera cuts and now the dangling part of the chain has disappeared. (01:10:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Brian is taken into the prison by 2 guards his jumpsuit comes open. As he is being dragged through the door it is now closed again. (00:56:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Gisele falls from the car shooting in slow motion, the drop is greater than the height shown in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: Shaw parks his Mercedes on the left side of the plane facing forward. Dom then comes in and parks his Charger on the right of the Mercedes, also facing forwards. But when Shaw wants to drive out of there, the Mercedes is now facing backwards, and it and the Charger have switched sides. Now the cars did move around a little when the plane was leaning, but this does not explain how the Charger would have moved "uphill". (01:43:15 - 01:53:00)


Factual error: In the scene where Shaw is talking to a goon while fixing his car he states the simplest things cause the most problems while holding a spark plug. We know this can't be right as Brian concludes the car is a turbo diesel like a Le Mans car, which would actually use a glow plug and not a spark plug. (00:19:50)


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Suggested correction: That's exactly the problem that Shaw is referring to, a member of his team installed the incorrect plug which caused a problem, i.e. a Spark Plug and not a Glow Plug (a simple thing, causing the problem), along with the 'good' being simple minded and causing the rest of Shaw's team a problem.

The glow plug isn't what causes combustion in a diesel like how a sparkplug does for gas. The wiring harness for a spark plug vs a glow plug is completely different and they aren't interchangeable. You can't just accidentally put a spark plug in a diesel, it doesn't work like that.

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Letty Ortiz: Klaus, aren't you team muscle? Don't make me go over there and make you team pussy.

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Trivia: The tube train in this film is the same one as in V for Vendetta. Both scenes were filmed at Aldwych, where a fully operational train is kept for training and filming.

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Chosen answer: All the flashbacks are archive footage.

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