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Continuity mistake: During the chase scene on the bridge involving the tank, two cars (silver Toyota Corolla hatchback, licence NE34 12 and a black VW Bora, licence NU67 67) appear during many shots, often travelling in different directions on the bridge and either ahead or behind the chase.


Factual error: In the scene where Shaw is talking to a goon while fixing his car he states the simplest things cause the most problems while holding a spark plug. We know this can't be right as Brian concludes the car is a turbo diesel like a Le Mans car, which would actually use a glow plug and not a spark plug. (00:19:50)


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Suggested correction: That's exactly the problem that Shaw is referring to, a member of his team installed the incorrect plug which caused a problem, i.e. a Spark Plug and not a Glow Plug (a simple thing, causing the problem), along with the 'good' being simple minded and causing the rest of Shaw's team a problem.

The glow plug isn't what causes combustion in a diesel like how a sparkplug does for gas. The wiring harness for a spark plug vs a glow plug is completely different and they aren't interchangeable. You can't just accidentally put a spark plug in a diesel, it doesn't work like that.

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Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire movie, Hobbs has a goatee. But when Hobbs is driving and talking on the phone to Tej, his goatee is gone. In Hobbs' next scene, the goatee is suddenly back again. (01:22:35 - 01:23:55)


Factual error: Hobbs would not be able to walk around London with a holstered gun on show, despite his position in the USA.

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Suggested correction: We've learned to know from the movies that he isn't the type to respect and follow all rules, especially not when they're in his way to get to his goal.

British police would not allow him to carry the weapon. End of.

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Continuity mistake: In the first movie, Mia tells Brian that Letty lived down the road, was into cars since she was 10 and immediately had Dom's attention, but here Dom tells Letty that he gave her her first scar at age 15, when they first met. (01:08:00 - 01:09:00)


Character mistake: Tej mentions that the BMWs they used were factory-line, ie. unmodified. Hobbs then says that they were twin-turbo V8s "spitting out 560 ponies". The BMW M5s they have are E60 models (2005-2010) powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0 liter V10, producing 507 horsepower. (00:38:30)


Factual error: The runway action sequence is 13 minutes. Allowing for some events happening simultaneously, different angles, etc., it's about 9 minutes of "real" time. Given the speeds on the runway are high enough for the plane to take off / land (~120mph at the very minimum), that makes the runway about 18 miles long, not remotely feasible. Even half that length would be too much by far. The longest runway in the world is much less than 4 miles.

Continuity mistake: During the runway scene, Shaw's vehicle is seen fitted with HID type headlights (bluish tinge). Yet during the sweeping wide angle shots and when Shaw drives into the cargo plane, the lights are a standard yellow.


Other mistake: Dom drives his Dodge Charger out of the Antonov's cargo hold - which is filled with, well, cargo - through the nose of the plane which was already on fire while he was still in it - and yet there isn't a single dent on his car before he loses control and rolls it.


Continuity mistake: During the scene where the cable is shot into the sides of the cliffs to stop the convoy, there are no civilians in the area. As soon as the convoy hits the cable and stops, you can see two normal cars just feet away from it. Not only were the cars never there before, but they would have also gotten stopped by the cable. (01:27:00)

Continuity mistake: Han's Charger gets pretty badly damaged during the chase over the runway - especially when he hits it up against the Range Rover with Shaw's guys in it. Yet at the end of the chase, it doesn't even have so much as a scratch. (01:47:55 - 01:54:15)


Continuity mistake: In scenes showing how Letty survived the explosion it shows her crawling out of the car then getting blown down the hill, but in Fast and Furious she is still in the car when Phoenix shoots it, causing the explosion, so she couldn't have been blown down the hill.


Continuity mistake: Tej tells Hobbs he's got this, and the scene changes to establishing shots around London. The first shot shows a shot of London, featuring many landmarks and Big Ben in the background. The time in the first shot is 2:10. The shot changes with the camera closer to Big Ben and the time is suddenly 3:00. (00:36:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Dom runs against Letty the space between the cars and the girl who starts the race changes between shots. (01:04:00)

Factual error: Brian mentions that the engines in Shaw's flipcars sound like the engines you hear at Le Mans, turbo diesels. These cars have over 500 horsepower and are capable of reaching speeds upwards of 250 miles an hour. They also weigh less than one ton. Shaw's cars seem to meet all these demands: massive power and torque, no body fat and very fast. But here is also a problem: Dom is easily able to keep up in a factory-tuned BMW, which would be nearly twice as heavy, and Hobbs is able to keep up in his "four-wheeled tank", which would be thrice the weight, with even less power. There is no way that an extremely good driver like Shaw wouldn't be able to lose them with such an advantage in terms of power to weight ratios.


Factual error: When Mia changes gear to pull the Antonov down, she moves the gear lever straight down, then straight up again, meaning she would end up in the same gear.


Continuity mistake: When Riley and Gisele are about to talk with the blonde guy who makes the gadget for Shaw, Riley moves her hands between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Roman is fighting the guy on the bonnet of Shaw's Land Rover, Tej signals him to get back on his Mercedes jeep. When Roman does this, the jeeps are pressed up against one another. Then Tej rams Shaw's Land Rover into the jetwash of the plane. Right before he does this, suddenly a massive gap has appeared between the cars.


Revealing mistake: The truck Roman and Tej are suspended in during the runway scene has no prop shaft attached (without it, the truck won't be able to drive at all). When you look at the bottom of the truck while it's in the air, you can see where the shaft was supposed to be attached to the rear differential.

Factual error: When the Mercedes jeep hits the wall at the end of the plane, Shaw goes straight through the windshield and falls to his death in a cloud of shards. Windshields on modern cars, like that jeep, are made out of laminated glass, layers of glass and plastic, precisely designed to prevent shattering into those deadly daggers during an accident and kill the unlucky guy in front of it.


Tej Parker: It's all between you and the car you build. It's a bond, it's a commitment.
Hobbs: Sounds like a marriage.
Tej Parker: Yeah, but with cars, when you trade up they don't take half your shit.

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Trivia: The tube train in this film is the same one as in V for Vendetta. Both scenes were filmed at Aldwych, where a fully operational train is kept for training and filming.

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Chosen answer: All the flashbacks are archive footage.

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