Revealing mistake: As Ewan enters through the door with the word 'paint' scratched into it, he is hit, but reacts about half a second too late.


Revealing mistake: Ewan asks Mark to look at the newspaper article about the graduate who was killed. Other than the leading paragraph written in bold text, and the word 'tragedy', the other words relate to an article about the affects of global warming on great white sharks. The text is also duplicated three times.


Other mistake: There is scene in which the assassin is mocking the young would-be suicide bomber and his friend for eating with knives and forks whilst he eats using his hand to pick up the food. However, he eats with his left hand which is absolutely forbidden under Islam. All Muslims eat with their right hands unless they are unable to eat with it (for example if they have a broken arm).


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Ash: The American forefathers fought the British, beat them hands down, and now what are they? They're the biggest superpower on this planet. Why? Because violence is the supreme authority all authorities derive their power and legitimacy from. Law is completely irrelevant in the face of true force. That applies to any country.

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