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David buries the possessed Mia alive, freeing her of the demon. Mia crawls out of the dirt and hugs David. As they are about to leave the cabin, the possessed Eric attacks David and he is forced to burn down the cabin with him inside. It starts raining blood and a demon attacks Mia. She gets her hand torn off, but dices the demon up with a chainsaw. The blood stops raining and it seems the demons are gone, but as Mia leaves the cabin, the Book of the Dead shuts itself, leaving it open for a sequel.

At the end of the credits we see Ash (Bruce Campbell) from the previous films, in shadow, saying "Groovy".


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Eric: This thing is attached to Mia's soul like a leech. If we want to help Mia... We're gonna have to kill her.

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Trivia: In addition to many other nods to the original film, this remake also has several audio clips taken directly from the original film. One of the more noticeable instances of this is when Mia is first possessed, right after the door is thrown open by the force outside of the cabin (right before she vomits blood onto Olivia and is thrown into the basement). The lines "You will die, like the others before you! One by one we will take you!" can be heard in the background as Mia screams. This is taken directly from the original film, from the scene where Cheryl was possessed. In addition, when the main characters first arrive at the cabin, a low, demonic voice moaning "Join us" can be heard in the background. This is another audio clip taken from the original film.

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