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Harry Deane: I see the painting. A reproduction though, Sir, in my opinion.
Lionel Shahbandar: Bloody hell, based on what?
Harry Deane: Based on the fact that it's hanging on a wall of a caravan, Sir. In Texas.

Lionel Shahbandar: You may not realise it, Miss Puznowski, but Harry Deane knows Monet like I know... actually, I don't know anything quite like that.

Lionel Shahbandar: So, how do you find London?
PJ Puznowski: Well, everybody knows the answer to that one. You turn right at Greenland.

The Major: Perhaps, sir, since out little caper is far from over, perhaps we should consider removing the cartilage.
Harry Deane: Don't be an ass, man. I'm hardly likely to be hit in the face a third time.
The Major: Uh, that was the third time, sir.
Harry Deane: This isn't a math class.

PJ Puznowski: Like mama always said, if you can't tell the difference between a pig and a javelina, well, you could lose a big old chunk out of your ass.

Harry Deane: Best to let the fish work the hook in himself, eh, Major?
The Major: Much the best, Mr. Deane.

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