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Factual error: Just before Sean Miller shoots the bookseller he takes the safety catch off the Ak-47. However, he moves the catch two clicks down and then fires the weapon on automatic. This is incorrect. For most modern weapons the safety catch feature goes safe-semi-auto, however the AK safety catch goes safe-auto-semi.

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Suggested correction: I watched this scene twice to verify - there is only one click.

Factual error: There is no way a highly dangerous prisoner like this would be in a convoy waiting for a bridge to be raised all routes would be cleared for the convoy to pass and there would be armed response at several checkpoints along the route whatever was passing that bridge would be told to wait and like it. (01:00:28)

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Suggested correction: This is both correct and wrong. The correct part is that an IRA prisoner would not be transported as shown in the movie. The route clearance part is wrong. They would be transferred by helicopter. And there is equally no way on Earth that the guards escorting him would be unarmed.

Factual error: Lymington does not contain a rising bridge, only a small ferry to the Isle of Wight. It is only a small town, and not the built up area as presented in the film (the scene was filmed at Canary Wharf in London). Interestingly, the original novel is much more accurate with Clancy explaining in precise detail the route including highway numbers and towns the van travels through to reach Lymington, and the crossing is correctly undertaken on a ferry, not a rising bridge as depicted in the film.

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Jack Ryan: I'm not after your job, Marty. I'm after the man who tried to kill my family.

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Question: Before Admiral Greer shows up to tell Jack about Sean Miller's escape, where were the Ryans planning to go?

Answer: The movie never clearly says. It was some event that required tickets, as the mom runs back into the house to get them. And it was something Sally really wanted to go to, but it is never clear what the event was.

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