G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Corrected entry: Storm Shadow is taken to the prison in the beginning of the movie dressed in Snake Eye's armor. When his swords are removed and placed in the holes of the step, the handles are black. When Storm Shadow escapes the tank and grabs the swords from the step to escape, the handles are white.

Correction: Please rewatch the scene. After he escapes from the tank we see Storm Shadow remove the two black covers (part of his Snake Eyes impersonation), which were fitted over the real white handles.

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Corrected entry: After killing the guards who rush in after he escapes from the stasis chamber, Storm Shadow looks at Warden James and says, "Welcome to hell". The ground he is standing on is completely covered in water from when the stasis chamber broke, spilling it everywhere. James uses this to his advantage and slams a defibrillator paddle onto it, electrifying the wet floor to shock Storm Shadow. James then gets up and takes off running... across the very same floor while Storm Shadow is still being electrocuted, but without a hitch. (00:35:15)

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Correction: The warden is wearing rubber soled shoes, while Stormshadow is barefoot or nearly so.

Corrected entry: In the end, the satellites with the "Rods from God" are destroyed. As a result, all the rods should go down to earth (spread across a wide area due to the explosions) and cause massive damage. Not really a helpful move.

Correction: They wouldn't be fired straight down, as they would when they are launched. Therefore, they would, along with the rest of the satellites, burn up in the atmosphere during re-entry.


Corrected entry: When Storm Shadow busts out of the containment chamber in the prison, he throws two shurikens at some guards. Where did he get these? He came in in Snake Eye's full body suit of armor, but in the tank he had on the life preservation suits for the injections and aquatic suspension. If they prison had any ounce of intelligence and protocol at all for processing prisoners, especially ones as dangerous as a ninja and two leaders of a global threat organization, Storm Shadow would have been stripped and searched in full before put in that container. And there's no way he swallowed the shurikens. (00:34:10)

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Correction: He threw shards of glass from the tank.

Corrected entry: Roadblock is holding the rank of Sergeant-Major in the US Army (Non-commissioned officer) and cannot/should not outrank any commissioned officer, nor can he be given a position that has authority over another member outranking him, which in this case Lady Jaye, who is holding the rank of Captain in the US Marine Corps. (00:24:50)

Correction: GI Joe doesn't use traditional military rankings. You start at the bottom in GI Joe and must work your way up. Duke was a captain in the Army but in Rise of Cobra had to not only earn a spot on the team, but then was at the bottom when he did.

Corrected entry: After Storm Shadow releases Cobra Commander and Firefly comes to break them out, the Warden shoots a tank and it explodes. Storm Shadow's back is severely burned. In the next scene they are outside and Storm Shadow is being helped out of the building, his back has no visible damage. (00:38:40)

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Correction: The wound is there visibly. But the shot is taken from Snake Eye's point of view from a distance, and the scope he is using has a heavy orange tint to it. This makes it difficult to see, especially if watched on a smaller screen, but it is there.

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Corrected entry: When Roadblock burns the fence with his special gloves he doesn't make the complete circle with his hands, stopping just before the bottom. Not a problem if they just folded the cut shape forwards, but they push out a complete cut circle. (00:01:50)

Correction: It simply just didn't show him burn the bottom. Even at the first cut once he starts burning the fence, his hands have suddenly progressed much further down the fence, and each shot his progression jumps ahead again. It was simply condensing the time and did not need to show him melting through the bottom. When the piece falls out, the bottom is glowing red hot indicating he did burn it as well.

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Corrected entry: In the early White House meeting you can see the reflection of a big moving camera in the mirror behind the guy with glasses. (00:06:50)

Correction: That's not a mirror behind him at any point in the scene. That is a TV monitor and what you're seeing is equipment on a news broadcast. It is also not at the White House, but at the Pentagon.

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Corrected entry: In the first film Storm Shadow died, in this film he's alive again with no explanation how.

Correction: They do show the scar on his chest from the wound. It clearly wasn't fatal, despite appearing so in the first film.


Plot hole: Even if someone would make all nuclear powers launch their nuclear missiles and then destroy them you still wouldn't have a nuclear weapons free world as most of those nations have plenty of nuclear weapons in reserve. A lot would be even be armed and ready to go for a possible second strike. (01:24:10)

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Captian Duke Hauser: Drive it like you stole it!
Roadblock: As your good friend, you need a new catchphrase.

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Trivia: After Storm Shadow kills the last ninja guarding Zartan, Zartan knocks over a bunch of crates. Right after he does this, pay attention to the wall behind Zartan: you can see the logo there of the Umbrella Corporation, from the Resident Evil series. (01:42:25)

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