Snitch (2013)

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Corrected entry: Dwayne Johnson would have had to hire a customs broker, as would the addressee in Mexico for a truck load. The truck would have been stopped for customs. Drug smugglers would have to know about this. There is no mention of customs in the movie at all.


Correction: This has been submitted to the wrong film.


Continuity mistake: The last green car chasing the truck was pretty banged up by the truck when crossing the bridge. When the truck flips you can see an almost new car with the driver moving off. (01:40:00 - 01:42:00)

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John Matthews: I admire you so much. The stand you're taking. You didn't take the easy way out. Not setting up one of your friends. I couldn't do what you did. So it looks like you're the one teaching me what real character and integrity is all about. I love you, son.

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