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Nicole: So, I take it you're not in a frat?
Casey: No, because I'm not angry and secretly gay.

Jeff Chang: Hey, why is there a teddy bear glued to my penis?
Miller: No idea, no idea how that could have happened.

Jeff Chang: That's my laptop.
Julian: Get a desktop, bitch.

Miller: I'll bet you five bucks that I fuck your sister before you fuck my sister.
Casey: I bet you five bucks that I fuck my sister before you fuck my sister.
Miller: I'll give you five bucks if you fuck your sister.
Taxi Driver: OK, can we cool it with the sister fucking?

Miller: Yeah, she's cute, but she's not my type.
Casey: What is your type?
Miller: Girls who want to have sex with me.

Miller: Oh, my God! Did we just kill Jeff Chang again?

Continuity mistake: Just after Miller, Casey, and Jeff Chang get away from the college's health center and steal the SUV, they plow through a row of street-side parking meters that snap off and hit the windshield, cracking it. Through subsequent shots, the windshield continually goes from being cracked to completely undamaged.

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