Paranormal Activity 4

Continuity mistake: When Alex and her boyfriend are going up to the play gym, her hair style changes. It's crimped as they are walking up, then changes to straight when they are taking Hunter home.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when Alex walks from the room at the end of the hall following Wyatt's voice in Katie's house she sees Katie at the end of the hall. Katie charges at Alex and breaks though the door, forcing Alex to jump from the window. If you watch Katie, her shirt starts out black when she is running down the hall to immediately turning white when she breaks through the door. (01:22:00)

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Continuity mistake: While Ben and Alex are on their way out the back door her jeans are grey. At the play house they are blue. (01:27:00)

Robbie: He does not like you.
Ben: What? Who? Who does not like me?
Robbie: You'll find out.

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Trivia: The actors who play Alex's parents were actually married in real life. Tragically, the actor playing her father (Stephen Dunham) had a heart-attack and passed away less than a month before the film hit theaters.


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Question: This is more of an observation than it is a question; however feel free to chime in with an answer. I realize that this is a "hidden footage" movie and each scene has to depict that. But Alex's actions at the end of the film seem to go against human logic. She finds her boyfriend dead in her closet, she knows her dad is across the street and that something is terribly wrong. Why would she take the time to find the video recorder, turn it on and take it with her to find her dad. Someone who just found a dead body in her closet would simply run out of the house or call the police; WITHOUT taking the time to worry about the camera.

Answer: Maybe seeing the dead body in the closet prompted her to grab her camera in case she needed evidence to show the police who had killed her boyfriend and possibly her father. There is enough time between shots that it is possible she calls the police from her cell while grabbing the camera.

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