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Factual error: At the fair, one of the guys sets some hay on fire and the fire goes to a cage of propane tanks. They begin to explode. The explosions are way too small for full propane tanks. You can tell they are supposed to be full as several shots show the red caps on the valves are faintly visible. The red caps are kept on ones that are full and unused. (00:12:40)

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Character mistake: When Parker awakes in the hospital bed, you can hear the female news anchor say that the thieves got away in a "silver [Chevrolet] Suburban" when actually the Suburban was gold. (00:21:00)


Audio problem: In the scene after the jewelry heist when they go back to the house, Melander is questioning Leslie as to her connection to Parker. In one shot, you can hear the sound of him grabbing her and her making a high pitched whimper, yet he is not touching her and her lips are not moving. Also, Melander says "Check the house, every inch" and "C'mon, don't you want to hit me now" at the same time.


Factual error: The cop is wearing a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Dept deputies uniform with a city of West Palm Beach police officers badge instead of the correct sheriffs star. (00:42:45)

Continuity mistake: The guys are getting their guns ready for the heist. In this scene they pull out of the drive way in a Cadillac Escalade - as they pull out the Cadillac's driver side mirror is folded in, the camera cuts to a different angle and the mirror is suddenly in its regular position. (01:30:00)


Continuity mistake: In scenes where Parker is driving around in the Bentley convertible the colour of the interior door trim changes from light to dark, then back again. This is even present between shots within the same scene. I guess they couldn't hire the same Bentley throughout shooting.

Plot hole: Although Parker is seeking his revenge on the gang holed up in Palm Beach, he is staying in Boca Raton at the Boca Hotel and Beach Club and hires a real estate agent in Boca to look at properties and scout Palm Beach. Boca and Palm Beach. Boca is about 30 miles from Palm Beach and real estate agents in Boca would have little to no knowledge of real estate there.


Continuity mistake: When Parker is lying down in the truck after being rescued, you can hear the old man talking to him (stay still) and you can immediately see the boy on the side wearing a dark colored T-shirt, but when the old man says "we got you" the same boy is not wearing a T-shirt. (00:20:45)

Factual error: When Parker awakens in the hospital his roommate informs him he is in Covington, KY. The Ohio State Fair is in the capitol of Columbus which is also the home of the excellent Ohio State University Medical Center. The tomato farmer that finds him by the roadside would NOT likely have driven the 110 miles to Covington for any reason.


Continuity mistake: The Sheriff and Leslie have an exchange in a coffee shop. As she walks past him, he says "How's the ex? You hear from him?" While saying this, his head turns to his right as he watches her go by and he is level. The shot changes to a closer one at a side angle and suddenly he is looking down at his plate. (00:42:55)

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Audio problem: After Parker wakes up in the hospital after being shot, he subdues an orderly while an old man using a voice box watches. The old man begs Parker not to hurt him. As he is saying "Please don't hurt me. Please" the camera is from behind him to the side at an angle. His jaw is not moving in the shot even though we hear him talking. He may be using the voice box thing, but as shown in other shots, he still has to move his mouth and jaw to speak. (00:22:55)

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Audio problem: When J-Lo's iPhone rings, she "answers" the phone and it clicks, but any iPhone user will know that the *click* sound comes from when the iPhone's screen is unlocked, not when it is answered. (01:12:40)

Parker: I don't steal from anyone who can't afford it, and I don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it.

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Question: Parker finds his enemy's new place in Palm Beach and infiltrates it to place his guns. In their garage, he quickly screws a crate back together and hides as they return. They get out and go in, but their car is still on. All got out, but the car has the lights on, and even looks like the reverse lights are on. Why did they leave it on or is this a mistake?

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Chosen answer: Some vehicles are designed to have lights on while running, and after they are shut off, the lights (including reverse lights) stay on for a short period of time, usually something like 30 seconds to a minute.


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