Death Race: Inferno

Death Race: Inferno (2012)

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Continuity mistake: Jokers truck is destroyed when it flips. Shortly after, Nero is seen driving Jokers truck with the tank turret on it as opposed to the 4 barrel style gun on the back of his truck.


Continuity mistake: There are 16 women that have to compete to the death to become Navigators, it say "vie for 10 spots as Death Race navigators". But as the cars are lining up it says "Eleven drivers will compete over three brutal days". So does that mean 1 of the drivers doesn't have a navigator? (00:21:40 - 00:28:55)


Audio problem: When Katrina's talking to List when he's sitting in the car before the race, her mouth moves but no sound comes out. You can see she's meant to say his name.


Revealing mistake: When Niles York first appears on camera beside the plane bearing his name, most won't notice, but you can see the pilot's hatch open, revealing that it is not a passenger jet, but a fighter plane. You can also see the air intakes on the wing, further evidence that this is not a passenger or private jet. (00:02:11 - 00:22:18)

Continuity mistake: Niles York and Prudence drive in the tunnel with their car's headlights on. When the car stops the headlights are still on. As Prudence moves around the front of the car, the headlights are now off. There is a final wide shot of the car and the tunnel as they pass through a doorway and now the headlights are turned on again.


Plot hole: At the end, when billionaire Niles York is mistaken for Frankenstein, how is this possible? anyone who knows him can see it's him, from his appearance (burnt, but not 100%, his face still visible), his voice (doesn't sound like Frankenstein, but does sound like Niles York) & also a simple DNA test would have cleared up his true identity. When he goes back to Terminal Island, people would know it's a different person.


Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the first race, the camera focused on Katrina's ass as she is leaning inside the window of the car. As the camera pans to the right, crew members are visible in the reflection of the vehicle's black door. These are not to be mistaken with the crew of the Death Race television production present throughout this scene.


Goldberg: Forget everything you know about racing. Desert-racing isn't about speed, it's about endurance and handling.
Carl Lucas: Hang on, I thought you didn't know shit about this kind of racing?
Goldberg: I don't. It's the first thing that came up on Google.

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Question: A voice-over says "Log-on and get inside access on your favourite drivers. For an additional cost, you can tap into the closed circuit camera INSIDE the driver's car", but Carl/Frankenstein has his mask OFF while he's driving & isn't the audience meant to be kept in the dark about who Frankenstein actually is? He's meant to be the most popular character/racer, so everyone would then know his true identity.


Chosen answer: The camera being inside the car could be pointed out the windshield so you can see what the driver sees. It doesn't have to be pointed at the drivers.

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