Zero Dark Thirty

Factual error: During the raid on Bin Laden's compound, Justin (Chris Pratt) ends up killing Abrar ad his wife. During this scene, his rifle produces several large muzzle flashes. His rifle is fitted with a suppressor which would eliminate all muzzle flash produced by the rifle.


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Suggested correction: A flash suppressor does not eliminate flash, it dampens or suppresses it so you aren't blinded by your own rifle. Any short barrelled weapon still makes a huge flash at night.


While it may not completely eliminate muzzle flash from the rifle, the suppressor fails to eliminate any as the flash fills the entire room. The purpose of a suppressor is not just to eliminate noise, but also act as a better flash suppressor. Even a short barrelled and suppressed rifle like Justin's (an HK416 in this case), would not produce such a large muzzle flash. The weapons in the film aren't equipped with real suppressors.


Factual error: When the agent searches for Abu Ahmed in Peshawar, Pakistan, in one scene he gets out of his car, and a shop named Bhatia sons appear in the background, a company based in Delhi, India. In the next scene he is walking down a market, where a sign board of Jaggi sweets, (existing in Punjab, India) is seen, with words written in Hindi (only to be found in India).

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Dan: Can I be honest with you? I am bad fucking news. I'm not your friend. I'm not gonna help you. I'm gonna break you. Any questions?

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Chosen answer: Most likely to conceal her naturally bright red hair. If that fact is known, it would make it easier for the enemy to identify and target her, either for surveillance, to be kidnapped, killed, etc.

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