Bless This House

Bless This House (1972)

17 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Watch the hotplate in the café scene before Mike puts the sausages in the oven. You can see that on the left hand side of the hotplate there is a large portion of fried egg white, but when we see Mike putting the sausages in the oven, the egg white has changed into a fried egg.

Continuity mistake: During the food fight in the cafe, the cream on the cafe owner's face keeps disappearing and re-appearing between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Kate are in his car, Mike tells her that he lives at 84 Whitby Avenue, yet in a scene where Sid is leaving his house to go to work, the number plate in front of the house shows a number "7".

Continuity mistake: Sid hands Trevor a shovel to help him mix concrete for his shed, but a cutaway shot shows Sid's feet and he is holding the shovel and mixing the concrete.

Continuity mistake: When the Abbotts join the Baines at their table in the cafe, the sugar bowl on the table changes places between shots.

Audio problem: When Mike is reversing his car out of the way from the furniture van, Ronald says, "It might help if you steered straight" but his mouth doesn't move.

Revealing mistake: When the cafe owner takes Mike's chef hat away from him to continue frying the food on the hot plate, he stands on Mike's hand and breaks an egg. You can see that the egg is a fake one as no yolk is visible.

Continuity mistake: When Mr and Mrs Baines arrive at the café, they sit down at the table and on their table is a white salt shaker. When Sid Abbot and his wife arrive and sit down at the Baines' table, the salt shaker has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Wendy Richard brings the Mississippi Angel Cake to the customer at the café, you can see there is very little cream on it. But when the café owner calls her over, the amount of cream has suddenly increased.

Continuity mistake: When Ronald and Vera Baines are telling their daughter Kate about the next door neighbours, you can see that Ronald is standing by the door. But when he says "Student my foot. The boy's an idiot!" he is now standing in front of a cabinet.

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Kate say "I love you" to each other in the café, the right hand side of the hotplate has nothing on it, but when Mike knocks a cake onto the hot plate, fried eggs have suddenly appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Mike is cooking the food on the hotplate in the café, he drops an egg on the right hand side of the surface which starts to cook. When the waitress comes to collect an order in the next shot, the right hand side is now completely clear.

Continuity mistake: When Sid and Trevor are enjoying a drink in the shed, you can see there are no wine bottles on the shelf behind Sid, but after a quick cut to Trevor, we return to Sid and bottles have suddenly appeared.

Continuity mistake: During the food fight in the cafe, the cafe owner throws a cream cake and hits Ronald in the face with it. At this point you can see a slice of cream pie on a plate on the end of the cake stand, but when the cafe owner throws a cream cake at both Sid and Ronald, the pie has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the cafe owner calls Kate to take over from him at the till, the first shot shows him looking at her but in the next shot he is looking at Mike.

Continuity mistake: When Sid, Jean and Sally are repairing the wall, the wallpaper falls on Sally, causing her hair to become visibly wet. Jean tells Sally to go and see if the Baines are coming, and when she comes in to say "They've had a collision!", her hair is now completely dry.

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Kate are in the cafe towards the end of the film, Kate's parents arrive and she says, "Mike, Mum and Dad!" You can see there a cream cake on the top shelf of the cake stand, but when Sid goes up to the hot plate to see where Mike is, the cake has disappeared.

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