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Stupidity: So he can rescue his wife from slavery, Django comes up with a plan to buy Candie's most expensive fighter and then get him to throw her in for free. Why doesn't Django just offer to buy her directly? Surely there was some amount that Candie would agree to. Even racists like money.

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Suggested correction: You missed the point of the plan. They knew if they went in asking to buy Broomhilda directly, Candie would set the price too high. They feigned interested in his best fighter and would get him to throw in Django's wife at a nominal price. They would then just pay the nominal price for Broomhilda and back out of buying the fighter. It's only when Candie is told Django and Broomhilda know each other did he raise the price for her.


Yes, Candie, not Candle. Stupid typo on my part. I disagree with the correction though in the sense of why would Candie raise the price before knowing that Broomhilda was Django's wife? You yourself said in your correction that he only did so when he found this out. They could still have offered to buy her initially.

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Because if they didn't feign interest in buying a fighter, Candie wouldn't have even invited them to his place. So the plan was to get him to throw her in for free, rather than risk him setting the price too high (or not even negotiating at all). Candie even figured out what their plan was.


Factual error: Dr Schultz pays with 12 $1000 bills, but $1000 bills were not created until 1861, after the time period of this movie.

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Django: Django. The D is silent.

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Trivia: When we see the "regulators" riding over the hill on the way to kill Django and Schultz, if you look carefully at the right-center portion of screen, you can see one of the stuntmen fall off his horse and the horse continues to run down the hill without him. To make matters even worse, it appears the stuntman rolls right in front of another horse and gets trampled. (00:41:00)

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Chosen answer: There is nothing in the film to indicate that he is not. He has the paperwork to prove the bounty he was pursuing, and he is not held by the authorities or charged with any crime, so we can assume that he was.

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