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7.6/10. A pretty good lesser known Hammer Horror movie. True they take liberties with the Gorgon but what the heck. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are 2 of the three best stars of the studio, the other long time star was Ingrid Pitt. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, well done Hammer, you were golden like Universal Studios were in the 30's-50's with horror.


Other mistake: There were no gorgons named Megara. The three that existed were Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno.


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Dr. Namaroff: We are men of science. I don't believe in ghosts or evil spirits, and I don't think you do, either.
Professor Jules Heitz: That's one of the most unscientific remarks I have ever heard. I believe in the existence of everything which the human brain is unable to disprove.

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