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Other mistake: When Bond is being driven back to MI6, there is clear rain on the window. In the angle from above the car, there is no rain visible on the top of the car, meaning that there is rain on the passenger window, but no rain on the car roof. (00:26:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Bond returns to MI6, when Bond stops exercising and Tanner leaves the room, Bond has both his arms against the weights. In the next shot, one of his arms is against the weights whilst his other shoulder is now against the other side of the weights. (00:29:05)

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Continuity mistake: In a hotel room at the start, Bond finds Ronson bleeding. Note the amount of blood on his chin coming from his mouth. In the shot where Bond opens Ronsons's jacket partway to see the blood, there are a bit of dripping blood going down his chin. In the shot where Bond leaves the room, there is suddenly a huge blob of blood on the left side of the Ronson's lips that wasn't there before. (00:01:35)

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Continuity mistake: After Silva shoots Severine, he never puts his gun down. As Bond begins shooting the henchmen, Silva can briefly be seen, gun in hand, running backwards away from Bond. When Bond kills the last of the henchmen, and turns to Silva, Silva is unarmed.


Continuity mistake: During the yacht scene, Severine and Bond are standing looking out to the island. Severine is barefoot. Once on the island, she is wearing black heels. If she knew that she would need shoes to walk on the island, which is filled with rubble, she would already have them. She would have to walk back to her room on the yacht to get them. This is highly unlikely given the fact that they are being held hostage, and she could use her heels as a weapon.


Continuity mistake: During the pre-credits car chase Eve drives really fast and knocks a group of parked motorbikes that wobble, about to fall. From the immediate opposite angle the bikes remain undamaged and stand perfectly still.

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Continuity mistake: During the first car chase right before Eve gets stuck in the traffic jam a shot inside the car shows that the right lane has barely no cars. Half a second later from an angle shot from outside the right lane is jammed.

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Continuity mistake: While Eve drives and swerves to avoid cars, before she encounters the red truck two yellow taxis drive by and then a black car does. When the angle changes the second yellow taxi is driving by again.

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Other mistake: When M is attacked by Silva during the parliamentary committee's hearing, Silva enters the room from M's back and M turns 180° around her own axis to face Silva - now M's own desk is at her back, that is, her very own desk cannot and is not protecting her from Silva. A few seconds later, after the gun battle intensifies, her desk is now located between herself and Silva, and she is using the desk as a protective shield against Silva's bullets. (01:40:45 - 01:41:20)

Continuity mistake: During the motorbike chase, Eve gets stuck in a traffic jam and drives in reverse, damaging a yellow car's hood. In the next angle the hood is undamaged.

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Revealing mistake: During the motorbike chase, after a man says "they're on the rooftop of the grand bazaar" Bond's bike jumps and right after there's a wide shot where the driver is not Daniel Craig but a stuntman.

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Continuity mistake: Bond gets on the Tube at Temple. Then when he gets off at the next stop the first visible platform sign still shows Temple -before then changing to Embankment.

Continuity mistake: When M gets into the Jaguar making her escape from the court hearing she is in the rear offside seat behind Bond. A few seconds later, when viewed in the rear view mirror by Bond, she is on the other side of the seat, still belted up.

Visible crew/equipment: When Bond and another man are pulling into the "new digs", there is a shot of their black SUV turning right. In the reflection of the car, you can see a boom mic.

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Continuity mistake: At the Shanghai Casino, Bond puts the very expensive chip on the bench between him and the cashier, who doesn't touch it, but leaves it behind as she gets her boss and the suitcase that holds a lot of money. As Bond walks away, it is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is on the train, before he gets into the backhoe, the number of people and cars on the street keep changing. Even if the train moved forward, the people/cars seen in the next shot weren't seen in the previous shots.


Factual error: Both tube stations feature yellow walls and signs of the Circle line, but Bond is travelling on the district line, meaning they should be green (or green and yellow).

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Trivia: Even though he appears on screen for more than fifteen minutes, Ola Rapace (playing Patrice, the mercenary they chase at the start who Bond later catches in Shanghai) doesn't have a single word of dialogue.

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Question: On Bond's obituary page M is typing up, after Bond's name is "C.M.G." and "R.N." What do these stand for?


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