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Corrected entry: Early in the film after Bond is shot off the top of the train and floats down river he ends up in some run down hotel. He goes drinking at some local bar trying to drink some whisky with a scorpion on his wrist/arm. The scorpion's stinger has been removed.

Correction: No it hasn't. The sting is quite visible during the scene.

Corrected entry: When at Skyfall, the old man calls Bond's father's gun a "hunting rifle" when it's in fact a shotgun.

Correction: It IS a hunting rifle - a double barrel big game rifle: An Anderson Wheeler 500 Nitro Express, firing .50 calibre slugs, not shot (hence not a shotgun). Primarily used to hunt big game, it's a rifle that can stop a charging elephant. More info at

Corrected entry: After Bond has done an endurance test, he winces when he takes off his T-shirt and rubs his right shoulder, but he was shot in the left shoulder.


Correction: He gets shot twice, once by Moneypenny in the right shoulder, and previously by Patrice with the depleted uranium round in the other side.

Corrected entry: Bond gets on a District Line train. All the stations on the map he looks at should have the Circle Line in a box at each station. However, this is only at one. (01:30:40)

Correction: TfL assumes that commuters know that the Circle Line shares stations with the District Line through most of zone 1. The only stations on the map that are labelled with Circle Line on London Underground's in-car District Line map are South Kensington, Tower Hill, and Monument, all of which appear and are labelled correctly in the film, along with Hammersmith and High Street Kensington, which are not pictured.

Corrected entry: When the helicopter crashes into Skyfall, depending on the angle the undercarriage is down when the helicopter tilts forward, then up from behind, then down again from the front. (01:59:10)

Correction: When I first saw the movie at the cinema I noticed the references to the helicopter.Since then after viewing the scene several times it is clear that the undercarriage on the Merlin helicopter remains retracted (up!) throughout the sequences. As the helicopter tilts forward it appears that the nose wheel is down but if you freeze the clip it's the search lamp that is attached to the right hand side lower fuselage that you can see, not the undercarriage.

Corrected entry: Silva and his men drive to the court from a nearer tube station. Bond leaves one from further away, and runs to the court. Somehow, Bond arrives not long after Silva to save M.

Correction: Because Silva had to travel through traffic and on roads which do not form a straight line to his destination, whereas Bond could make a beeline for the court, which enables him to make up time lost due to starting further away and travelling on foot.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Before the final battle at Skyfall, M, Kincade and Bond have laid out a few guns on a table. These are the only available firearms since M distressingly asks, "And is this is all we got?" Among them is Bond's pistol, only usable by him because of the fail-safe hand-print sensor. However, we can see M firing with what appears to be Bond's pistol in the ensuing battle scenes.

Correction: Bond loses the personalised gun in the Macau casino. Once he returns to London, he's seen carrying a replacement gun of similar appearance, but there's no indication that this is also supposed to have the personalisation technology built into it, so M firing it during their last stand in the movie's climax is not unreasonable.

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Corrected entry: The excavator Bond uses on the train has walking platforms welded to the top of the digging arm, they are not a feature of the machine but necessary if you are going to have your actor run up the arm. (00:08:50)

Correction: The 'platforms' have a real function as 'rock guards' to protect the hydraulic rams, these are an accessory and can be shipped as an optional extra or installed by an aftermarket manufacturer.

Corrected entry: In the Commons Committee scene, when the CO2 extinguishers are shot, they slowly release their contents over a long period of time, giving a significant 'smokescreen'. In fact, a shot which was able to penetrate the cylinder would cause a very quick release of gas, and the 'smokescreen' effect would be fairly limited.

Correction: When the extinguishers are shot they do discharge most of their smoke initially but as their contents dissipate the amount released slows, allowing it to provide the smokescreen. I've seen an extinguisher perforated like this (though not by someone shooting it) and it will put out a lot of smoke. Also, Bond shot more than one extinguisher - which would fill the area even more.

Corrected entry: In the train scene the carriages are de-coupled by shooting out a chain. Carriages are never held together by a chain, but rather by a special hook (which can be seen in this shot). Even if they were just held by a chain, the chain would not be destroyed by a bullet shot. (00:08:25)


Correction: This train is in Turkey. It is probably an old under-maintained train. The regular coupling may have been broken at that time and a chain was employed temporarily until it could be fixed. A normal bullet could not break a chain, but Patrice was using depleted uranium shells - which are armour piercing and could go through a chain. It is also why Bond got shot inside the excavator cab - the bullet went through the cab's metal plating.

Corrected entry: The glass on the windows on skyscrapers like the one in the skyscraper/assassin scene is specially made for high altitude building and is usually very thick (4-6 cm thick, as seen by the section the sniper removes), this means that during the subsequent fight scene it would have been impossible to break that window just by bumping into it. (00:47:10)


Correction: The glass was not broken by both men "bumping" into it. Patrice's rifle went off during the fight and the bullet shattered the glass.

Corrected entry: When Bond is in the tube tunnel his ear piece is missing until he gets through the door.

Correction: His ear piece was in his ear the entire scene. There was never any point in which the ear piece was missing.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: The scene where M walks to see Mr Silva, after his capture. She walks through an open armor door that is about 65 degrees open but when she walks through the door is open 90 degrees and the door was never touched.

Correction: How could the door have been 65 degrees or 90 degrees? The door was a slide open door, not a push open door.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: In the opening car-driving scenes, Moneypenny is wearing her seatbelt, then she isn't, then she is.

Correction: The seat belt was there the whole time. She has her seat belt on when she picks up Bond. When they stop in the market, she then gets down and takes off her seat belt. She starts driving and doesn't have it on. The scene cuts to Bond and Patrice's chase along the Grand Bazaar. When the scene cuts back to Eve, she has her seat belt. However, loads of time had passed during the chase which gave her plenty of opportunity to put the seat belt back on. She was wearing a seat belt throughout the entire train sequence.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: In the Istanbul chase scene, when Bond reaches the the motorcycle the owner is still standing next to it. Yet in the next cut when Bond gets on the bike, the owner is no longer seen.


Correction: As Bond takes the bike you can just see the man take a step back and let go of the handle bars, then Bond gets on it and rides off.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Bond is standing on the roof. The time seen on Big Ben is 5.55, and there's loads of traffic in the background as well. He returns downstairs with Moneypenny and Tanner appears from M's office saying "morning 007". If it was morning in the winter months (Scotland having frozen lakes) it would be dark and not daylight that early.

Correction: Sunrise in London after April 20th is earlier than 5:55am. And yet on or around that date I have, while flying from London to Glasgow seen frozen lakes in the mountains around Glasgow, while Glasgow is still well south of the highlands. Don't forget that the UK covers a large stretch of latitude, with London at 51.5N and Thurso on the North Coast of Scotland at 57.4N.

Corrected entry: When the MI6 building is blown up, we hear the explosion as it happens. In reality, because of the distance they are away from it, the sound should be about a second later.

David Hancock Premium member

Correction: Certain movie-making conventions like this count as a stylistic choice, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The car used in the chase at the beginning has Turkish number plates. However, it also has an EU (presumably a UK) country disc. Turkey is not in the EU.


Correction: While Turkey is not, as yet, a member of the European Union, it has been a member of the European Customs Union since 1995 and thus their number plates include the blue "Eurostripe", but without the European flag symbol (which is correctly missing in the film).

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Corrected entry: When Bond looks at the map on the tube, it says that many different tube lines, including the Hammersmith and City line stop at Westminster, when in fact only the line he's on and the Circle line stop there.

Correction: When he looks at the map of the district line, it only says that you can change to the Jubilee line at Westminster. which is entirely correct. This can be verified if you look at a real London Tube map.

Corrected entry: Q and Bond are trying to crack Silva's computer code in the new MI6 quarters - Bond does not have an earpiece. Once MI6 has been hacked, all the doors open and Bond runs off to find Silva - still no earpiece. Once Bond runs into where Silva was held, he starts talking to Q through an earpiece. (01:28:00)

Correction: He didn't have his gun in his hand either when he was in the same room with Q. Doesn't make it a mistake when he suddenly has it as he approaches Silva's cell. The earpiece was in a pocket, obviously. (And the gun was in a holster.).

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Continuity mistake: In the scene in the National Gallery early on in the film where Bond meets Q, there is a line of bench seats they're sitting on. From behind, Bond's coat tail is barely covering the gap between two of the benches. From the front though, his coat tail is further back, covering the gap almost entirely. (00:37:05)


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Trivia: Even though he appears on screen for more than fifteen minutes, Ola Rapace (playing Patrice, the mercenary they chase at the start who Bond later catches in Shanghai) doesn't have a single word of dialogue.

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Question: In the opening action scene, while Bond is fighting the terrorist on the top of the train, Moneypenny says "I do not have a clean shot." She has already been communicating with him on radio, why doesn't she just tell him to get out of the bloody way?

Answer: Because Bond is fighting to the death with a man who's trying to throw him off a train. He can't exactly step out of the way.

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