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Corrected entry: When Marius sees Cosette for the first time, he's asking Eponine, "Who is that?, to which she answers, "Cosette. But only few scenes later, when he gets the chance to talk to her in person, he says, "Oh God, for shame. I do not even know your name," [singing as a part of "A Heart Full Of Love" song]. In the original musical, he never asks Eponine about Cosette's name, which is probably where the mistake came from.


Correction: False. Marius never asks Eponine what her name is in the film. . . She sings "Cosette, now I remember. Cosette, how can it be? but this is before Marius shows up. All he asks is "Eponine, who was that girl" and she replies "a bourgeous two-a-penny thing" meaning that she is average/nothing special.

Correction: They only took the back teeth.

Corrected entry: When Fantine sells her hair she is still wearing her pink dress. In the shot directly after her hair has been cut off she is wearing a blue dress with a ragged shawl and hat, with no time to have got changed. (00:25:00)

Correction: This whole montage is meant to have taken place over the course of several days, if not weeks. The dress is different because it's a completely different day from one shot to the next.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of Fantine's feature song "I Dreamed A Dream", shortly after the first tear has fallen, the makeup has run on the left side of her mouth. (00:29:25)

Correction: So her tears caused her makeup to run. People wore makeup in that era - what exactly is the mistake?

Corrected entry: While panning over the barricades in the final, "Do you hear the people sing," number, the camera passes by a large pillar with the date 1890 on it. This is after the time period of when this movie is set.

Correction: False. It said 1830. 1830 was two years before the uprising.

Corrected entry: When Valjean and Cosette leave Rue Plumet, they state that they are traveling across the seas to Rue de la Mame No. 5 After Eponine dies, Marius asks Gavroche to take a letter to Valjean. If they had gone overseas, Gavroche wouldn't have been able to deliver the letter and get back, nor would Valjean have arrived at the barricade all in the same night.

Correction: No, they're not 'across the seas'. They go to the apartment first, which is still in Paris, while Valjean plans to go to England the next day. Valjean intercepts the letter from Marius, that Gavroche delivers, which makes him go to the barricade instead, to save Marius.

Correction: This happens just after Valjean had died and the shot cuts back to Cosette and Marius where we see Fantine walking out of shot. But in the next shot we see Fantine is in the same position she was before.

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Correction: The first person is correct. Just when Jean Valjean passes, Anne Hathaway is seen running behind a dresser to get into place to walk with Jean Valjean's ghost (She even mentioned in interviews that she had to run out of the shot during this scene). Seeing as how Fantine is a ghost, she would not need to run out of a scene behind Cosette and Marius as they are mourning Valjean's passing.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of "Stars" the camera is behind Javert while he faces out towards the city. On the right, you can see clouds being illuminated by an absent moon that is off screen but behind said clouds yet the moon reflects off of the left side of his face.

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Fantine: I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm living!

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Trivia: Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role as Fantine, even though she only had 15 minutes of screen time.

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