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Corrected entry: Toward the end of the film when Anna grabs her shotgun, she says that she protected her family from the Nazis, but the Nazis didn't exist during the first World War.

Correction: This entry has too many mistakes. First, the line regarding Nazis is spoken by Grace, not Anne. It also occurs in the middle of the film, not toward the end when Grace has the shotgun. But, the film isn't set during WWI. It opens in 1945 in the Channel Islands. Graces says says "for five whole years during the occupation I managed to avoid a single Nazi stepping foot in this house." Germany (the Nazis) occupied the Channel Islands from 1940-1945 (World War 2).


Corrected entry: The children's condition is called Xeroderma pigmentosum, according to a special feature in the DVD. When first bringing Mrs. Mills to meet the children, Grace explains that the children are photosensitive and cannot bear light much stronger than that emitted by the lamp she is carrying. Xeroderma patients are sensitive to ultraviolet light, a certain kind of light (wavelength, and not the intensity (amplitude) of the light. The children should be able to bear a strong light like anyone else so long as it is not UV.


Correction: Firstly, the film takes place in the late 1940s, you would hardly expect a layman of that era to fully understand the distinction of ultraviolet light. Secondly, the film establishes Grace as mentally unbalanced and prone to hyperbole. Finally, the whole "world" Grace lives in is a fantasy. The rules could be whatever her mind sets it to be.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Nicole Kidman (Grace Stewart) was too large to fit into the tight dresses of the time the film was set, so the producers ordered her to wear a wooden corset. She wore it for two days, and snapped two of her ribs because it was so tight.

Correction: If Kidman had been wearing a wooden corset, she would not have been able to bend at all, which she does many times in the film. Wooden corsets have never been worn at any time in fashion history except as orthopedic devices.

Corrected entry: In the fog scene, when Grace first embraces her husband, if you look in the right upper-hand corner of the scene, you can see the dark outline of a figure show up, and then walk off the edge of the frame. Look closely, it's there. Given that no-one else was supposed to be in the scene, this may be a crew member.

Correction: That was him.

Corrected entry: There is more then one occasion where Grace forgets to lock a door or opens one that had to be locked.

Correction: Yes, because she was checking on the children when she heard 'Victor' crying and she thought it was one of the kids. I didn't notice it anywhere else.

Corrected entry: When Grace and Mrs. Mills are sitting by the fire talking, Grace's wrist is "naked" in one shot and in the next she is wearing a wristwatch. (00:42:25)

Correction: Her watch was hidden by her sleeve.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the chandelier shakes and Grace thinks that it is the mute girl, as Grace steps up and looks outside she sees Mrs. Mills talking to the mute girl. As the camera zooms in on them you can see the girls lips moving to indicate that she is speaking.

Correction: Deaf people move their lips when they sign often, it could be possible that the mute mouths for Mrs. Mills so she can lipread, they've obviously been associated for a while. They probably just thought the woman of the house wouldn't be inclined to learn.

Corrected entry: The children are obviously light sleepers, given that when their father comes home, he only has to stand at the foot of the bed and say one sentence to them before they both wake up. So how did they remain asleep while all the curtains were being pulled off their windows, just a few feet away?


Correction: The idea of the movie is that the two worlds, dead and living, sometimes connect. I'm assuming that when the curtains were removed the two worlds weren't connected.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anne is breathing very heavily while they are eating dinner and her mother tells her to go to her room when she walks out the door is open and she does not lock it.

Correction: Dinner, therefore nighttime.

Corrected entry: The daughter asked to go and see her father after the fight with her mother. As the daughter is walking out of the room with the maid, Ms. Mills, her mother, goes into the room and all of the curtains are pulled open and light is coming into the room. How did the daughter survive in the room since she is Photosensitive? There was no time to pull the curtains open between her walking out. A few scenes later, the kids notice the curtains pulled off and they wake up screaming.

Correction: Makes sense, given the revelation at the end.

Corrected entry: When Grace is taking off her dress in front of the mirrored wardrobe while talking to her husband, who is supposed to be sitting on the bed, the mirror on the front of the wardrobe shows there is no one on the bed.

Correction: Grace opens the wardrobe door quite quickly, so Christopher Ecclestone's character's reflection is seen briefly, but the door is then opened further, so the reflection is out of view of the mirror..

Factual error: When Grace goes into the children's bedroom to wake them up to introduce them to the new nanny and maid, she takes the only lamp they had with her into the bedroom but light is still reflecting off the nanny and maid as if a lamp was still there. (00:08:20)

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Grace: No-one can make us leave this house.

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Trivia: The disease the children have is a real-life, but rare, disease called xeroderma pigmentosum.

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Question: What is with Mrs. Mills and the rest of the people who come to help with the housework? I know they are dead, but are they evil or good; and what are they trying to do?

Answer: Evil and good do not come into it at all. They are simply dead people. As Mrs. Mills says it, sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead. They simply died in that house and can't leave just like Grace and her children.

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