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Corrected entry: When Joe returns to the company with the silver bars at the start, he is shown placing the two silver bars on top of each other in a slot, with the bottom silver bar placed an inch over the edge of the slot. A couple of shots later, as the bars go to be taken away, the bottom bar is no longer placed over the edge and is placed onto the slot. (00:03:15)

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Correction: Joe was sliding the bars into the slot as the shot changes.

Correction: Joseph had the blue contacts in for the full movie, as you can see in the opening scene, it is just that most of the first half of the film is in a darker light to mirror how dark Joe's life was before meeting Sara and Sid, as well as having dilated pupils due to the drug use. In fact Rian and Joe spoke about how the blue contacts were always the last thing put in every day and that they were hard to see through as turning brown eyes blue cause them to have to buy basically completely painted blue contacts.

Corrected entry: Young Joe was right-handed. (He shot people with his right hand) but Older Joe was left-handed. (00:25:05)

Correction: While it was likely as a joke, Rian stated that old Joe was actually ambidextrous, however this seems to be true, as he shot left handed elsewhere in the film, and he shot with both hands multiple times. In fact, young Joe did a few things left handed as well. It was never actually stated young Joe was right handed, just likely better right handed.

Correction: I can shoot with either hand, why can't he?


Corrected entry: Sara explains that the numbers on the top of Joe's portion of the map are the date and medcode of her son's birth (07/15/39, 02935). The movie takes place in the year 2044. This would make her son five years old. But later, Sara tells Jesse that her son is ten, which would mean that he was born in 2034. (01:05:50 - 01:21:45)

Correction: Sara states to Joe that the first set of numbers (071539) is Cid's birth date. She tells Jesse her son is 10 years old in the midst of other lies (she is married and that her husband has taken their child to the city) to convince Jesse she is alone in the house and appear completely disassociated with either Joe. The actor who played Cid was five years old at the time of filming and the character's appearance suggests he is that age as well.

Corrected entry: When the gat men walk into young Joe's apartment they are heard talking about getting the silver and walking right in. Joe lives upstairs, when Old Joe is seen recapping those events, they are heard saying the same words but on the first floor.

Correction: An earlier point of the same conversation is heard when we see this scene from old Joe's perspective. The words are not the same, but they're talking about the same thing.

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Corrected entry: The first young man, who fails to kill his older self, is later systematically dismembered in order to get the older version of him move to a certain address. Once he arrives at there, the man from the future is simply shot. If the goal was to kill the man from the future, why not simply kill the young man instead of going through the process of surgically removing his body parts?

Correction: It would possibly create a time paradox - to kill his present self would mean that his future self could not exist to be sent back. More importantly, any OTHER acts Seth might make in the future would also be cancelled, and the present-time gangsters don't know how that would affect their own future selves, or the timeline. It's simply too great a risk for them to take. So they torture the young man but leave him alive for him to live out his natural life until he's killed in the future, closing the loop as we see it.


Corrected entry: The machine they use to torture Joseph Gordon-Levitt's friend in order to affect his future self completely contradicts the "ever changing" probability of different futures the movie establishes later. Bruce Willis says the present affects his memories in real time and that is confirmed by Leavitt ending both of them by shooting himself in the end but that contradicts the previous time travel logic they set up. Do you think there was any probability of his friend making it to old age in the future to be sent back when his present self was having limbs and body parts removed in that sedation machine, if anything the future self should have vanished the second the other loopers grabbed him.

Correction: There's no reason he couldn't have survived. He probably would have spent most of his time in hospital or a nursing home, but that wouldn't affect his being sent back when they came looking for him.

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Continuity mistake: When Joe and Cid are sitting at the table working on the signal frogs, Cid's front tooth is missing. In every scene Cid is in after that, his tooth is not missing.


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Abe: This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg.

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Trivia: Emily Blunt signed on to the film after reading the first half of the script. She hadn't even gotten to the scene where her character was introduced.

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Question: How does the "timeline loop" with the kid becoming the mob boss (and looking to kill Bruce Willis 30 years later) start? If it gets started by "old" Bruce Willis killing the kid's (future mob boss) mother, and getting him very angry and revengeful, because Willis wants to revenge the death of its wife by the future mob boss... Then it is a chicken and egg problem.


Chosen answer: The first time the time-loop occurred it is not necessarily due to Bruce Willis' character killing her. She could have died in another way, instigating the timeline in which Bruce Willis is taken to close his loop. He knows who the rainmaker is and therefore attempts to kill him in order to preserve his happy future. This in turn creates a brand new timeline in which Joe kills himself to save Sara, who in turn prevents the rainmaker from becoming a crime lord.

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